Eagle or laredo defender?

Eagle or laredo defender?

This is a discussion on Eagle or laredo defender? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm interested in k&d holster Laredo or eagle defender for a .45 colt officers acp. My question is which of these holsters is more concealable ...

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    Eagle or laredo defender?

    I'm interested in k&d holster Laredo or eagle defender for a .45 colt officers acp. My question is which of these holsters is more concealable with this type of gun? For those who own both which of the two hides the gun better,the eagle defender look like it has a bit more cant than the Laredo is this the case? Last thing whats the wait time for a k&d holster? and pics of you guys wearing the rig would be great if you will thanks.

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    Joe, I don't have any Eagle defenders, but I do have three Laredoes. I don't like having to run my belt through things so the Laredo works great for me. I only have pictures of me wearing the one for the Charter Arms Bulldog. My daily carry is the S&W 1066 in a Laredo and I have one for my Colt Mustang. In the pictures I don't have on my cover shirt. I wear camp shirts or guayaberas most of the time and no one notices the guns. Take a look at the this thread for the photos of me wearing the Laredo. http://www.defensivecarry.com/vbulle...more-pics.html

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    I had the same problem , KD recommended the Eagle for my Glock .While I was waiting for it I changed it to the Laredo . In the mean time I got a snap holster from UBG for my J frame and I didn't like that holster , so I called KD and switched back to the Eagle. I will let you know in about 6 weeks if I made the right choice. For me the snap printed to much and rode to low.

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    I purchased a Laredo and love Kevin's custom work:

    I have a couple of other holsters similar to the Eagle, and like both. I would think they both carry very comfortably. I like the Laredo for the fact that I can put it on without removing my belt.
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    Nice rig fatboy97 , you are going to make me change my mind again.

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    I have a Laredo for my G26. I ordered an Eagle for a 1911 Compact, but as I wore the Laredo more I decided to change the 1911 holster to a Laredo.

    I suspect, but not sure, that the Eagle might stay tighter to the body, but the Laredo does well, and it is so convenient to put on and take off. It is better than a paddle in my view.


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    I have an Eagle and Laredo Defender. Both are fine holsters. The Eagle holds the pistol a little tighter to the body. However the Laredo is easier to take on and off and does hold the pistol close but not as close as the Eagle. Either one will serve you well.
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    I've got 2 Eagles and 2 Laredos, and if concealability is your priority I give the Eagle the nod. It hugs the body really close and is rock solid. I find that the Laredos tend to slip and move around a bit on me, though I've never heard anyone else mention that problem. I have other snap on holsters and that's not the case with them. Both the Eagles and Laredos I have seem to have about the same cant.

    Where Kevin really shines is with the exotic skins. He has the best selection of exotics that I've yet seen and his prices are very reasonable. Last I heard he was running about 4 months behind.

    Here's some pics of a couple of my holsters:

    K&D Eagle Defender with beavertail trim for Colt Commander:

    K&D Laredo Defender with gator trim for Sig P220:
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    That looks real good people.......kinda wish I had asked about exotic skins when I placed my order with him last month. I did however ask Kevin about 'raising' my G23 in a Eagle....making it ride a little higher so not so much would show. Kevin said "no problem" except he'd want to increase the cant forward a bit to balance the rig out.

    I can't wait to see and try it out......well, I can wait, but I'm excited just the same
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