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This is a discussion on Not So Smart Carry within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Rightwing Just realized what AD/ND meant, that would mess your day up! not to mention other things...

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Thread: Not So Smart Carry

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rightwing View Post
    Just realized what AD/ND meant, that would mess your day up!
    not to mention other things
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    Quote Originally Posted by XD9mm View Post
    How many sizes up from your regular size do you have to wear to comfortably conceal with a smartcarry? I tried a smartcarry as my first concealment holster. I thought it was good idea and really wanted it to work but I ended up selling it because I could not get it to work. I wear 32-34 "(depending on the brand)pants that fit perfectly, some are even on the tight side and even with a Keltec PF-9 it looked like I had, even for the luckiest a guy a WAYYY bigger than natural bulge. I made the decision that I woudl much rather take the chance of someone getting an accidental glimpse of my gun in a IWB rather than get a glimpse of my crotch and think I was a sexual deviant.
    in 4 years no one has said "so happy to see me?" We get the worst look at it from our view...staight down. I changed my clothes to fit my weapon, but I'm just one size up from "tight" and I prefer loose fitting anyway. I stick with my revolver a Taurus 651 J sized frame or Glock 27 but I've also carried my xd45 service model. No issues except for a Little more sweat in the summer and as far as sitting I've had to adjust myself some times, but most guys do this subconsciously anyway. I've also learned to adjust my rig by grabbing hold of the unit by my hip from the side. It doesn't move around on me.
    I've never cared for IWB (heavy guy syndrome) or on the belt because i'm not into using cover garments so this compromise worked for me, but there are a few who I've talked into trying one that didn't like it, so your not alone.

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    I got my SmartCarry holster last weekend and have worn it about everyday since. I got the size small so I could carry my J frame S&W 637 and Bersa 380. The Bersa and spare mag fit fine, but not really as comfy as i like, but that's OK because I have other holsters to wear with that one and I bought the SmartCarry mainly for the J frame. It fits great with the J frame and is surprisingly comfortable as much as a holster can be worn in front of your...well, you know. I wear it over my gym shorts when I go jogging with my dogs in the mornings. I just wear a T shirt untucked and that pretty much covers it. I wear it under my work clothes. (Shorts & T shirt) Nobody seems to notice, and it's a good thing since I work in a nongun friendly environment. It's plenty comfortable. The grip of the gun rides at my just below the waistline on the right side. I can wear this holster and gun combo with any clothes I have and don't have to have clothes one size too big. My wife refers to it as my twig and berry carry rig. This is no doubt one of the holsters I will wear the most since I can't carry IWB at work. The Glock 30 will get jealous of the J frame. I do worry about it wearing through the back where the cylinder edge is imprinted already. I also worry about the velcro wearing out or the elastic wearing out. I wish it carried a lifetime warranty. I don't think I would be comfortable with any larger gun in it though. I know I've read where alot of you guys carry bigger guns in yours comfortably, but I don't see how. Anyway, I really like mine and that's about all that matters in the end. I highly recommend this to anyone who has a small revolver and need for deep concealment.

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    Smart Carry Holsters alternitive

    Has any one here ever tried wearing it on the small of your back. Is it easy to switch when you get in and out of a vehicle or go from sitting to standing ?

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    Really never tried it but I can't imagine why you would want to. It is way comfortable in front, and SOB carry just seems like a pain in the lower back.

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    Shima, one tip I have learned is that you can leave the velcro set and merely pull the rig down to your ankles and take it off that way. So, you don't keep fasteneing and unfastening [thus wearing out] the velcro. I have not unfastened the velcro on mine for about a year now. As for any sharp edges presented by the velcro rubbing your skin, I merely put a small piece of duct tape on it. Or, cut the toes out of a sock and slide the sock into place over the velcro and all sharp rubbing velcro pieces are gone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Holdcard View Post
    I have a smart carry and consider it another tool in the box. It's specifically designed to be a deep concealment holster so you probably won't be able to keep up with someone using a race rig. That being said, with practice you can actually draw much quicker with the gun in a smart carry than you can with the gun locked up at home in the safe.

    Holsters seem to be pretty personal, I read the forum to get ideas not gospel. What works for some won't work for others. My smart carry spends most of it's time in the box of holsters, but there are specific times when it meets my needs to a tee.

    As others have said, proper adjustment is a must. Read the instructions and play with it. I wear mine as per the instructions but slightly off center. Before the belly got too big I used to wear it with the butt of the pistol almost under my belt buckle. That's what worked for me, I've read others who use a different placement.

    My preferred carry is OWB at about 3:30. When that's not appropriate I use IWB, I really like my CrossBreed, it works well. When that method is not appropriate I go to pocket carry, then to smart carry. For me it's kind of progressive and dependent on the current situation.

    Excellent point!!


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    Old thread revival... I know.

    Great thread. Lots of good info. I wish people would post height, weight and pant size in these kinds of threads, though. It could be very helpful for someone (such as myself) looking for options.

    5'10", 180lbs, size 34 pants...looking for 100% concealment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by msg usa View Post
    Now, thats funny, I don't care who you are......

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    I am struck with a question on these. How does one pee?

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    I am curious if any women have ever gotten this to work? My sister ordered one and I tried it on, and it was RIDICULOUS on both of us. Not even worth trying adjusting. She sent it right back. I normally wear my pants relatively loose, partly as a side effect of not being able to buy them small-enough, but short of wearing them so big that I need suspenders, has any FEMALE gotten this to work for them?

    However, I am now in a position of needing deep cover in dress pants, and I'm completely back to the drawing board
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    I too am curious about urination. You all owe me... I had to google "Smart carry negligent discharge t*s*icl*"...
    Xavier Thoughts: Deep Concealment Discharge
    Reader be warned! There are very descriptive words used!

    The bad thing is, this is one of two (the other being shoulder holster) that I haven't tried. But I'm starting to see where this would fit into my life. For sure, something with a heavy, long trigger.

    Edit: Didn't realize thread is so old. oops.
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    For urination, you either move it to the side or pull the whole thin up over your waist, not something you can do inconspiculously at a urinal.

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    I'm 5'7" and have weighed from 130-160 while wearing my sc. I have two and have carried a 26,19, 2"&3" k frames, 3913 and all sorts of guns. I can tuck my shirt and not wear my wilderness belt and carry a firearm I can fight with. My wife likes me to dress nice a few times year and the sc allows me to still carry. The height of the gun is the key for me and I find if I carry left of center I can slide my hand inside my waistband and present gun fairly quick. I agree I can draw faster than a tuck able holster and there are no clips visible

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    3 Speed Holster:Review (about two Months)

    I use the other deep conceal system 3 Speed Holster. I carry it at 1 O'Clock. I find it a much more substantial holster than Smart Carry.

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