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Thread: Original Belly Band - My review

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    Original Belly Band - My review

    I have been carrying for over 10 years now. I have full and mid size autos, full size revolvers and a snub. I have tried many holsters over the years, looking for that "perfect" fit of comfort and concealment.
    I stopped using IWB awhile ago because, even with a top gun belt, I never seem to get comfortable. It always felt too tight for me; have since opted for OWB. Although OWB is easier to conceal in winter, it is much tougher in summer with shorts and a t-shirt (as everyone knows).
    I decided to try the Original Belly Band. Over the years, I never gave much credence to these types of "holsters", but I was really looking for something to use in the summer with shorts (no belt) and a t-shirt.

    Reviews have been 50/50 on this holster with a lot of people complaining about the sharpness of the Velcro and that it is not comfortable to wear all day.
    I have worn it with a Kahr CW9 and a Beretta PX4 Storm. I have to admit that this thing is really good. I wore it without a belt and used it appendix carry. The band is much thinner than a conventional IWB and thereby reducing the overall tightness of your pants (at least to me). I literally forgot the Kahr was there. The Beretta fit perfectly also and the Band allows me to wear it lower if I want to.

    Also, as everyone knows, you usually have to go one size bigger in pants with an IWB, but I was amazed that with the Band not only did I wear the same (normal size) pants, but it didnt even get tighter on me. I think this is due to the fact that the Band pulls you in a bit, thereby reducing your waist size a little. I refuse to say girdle.

    But what I really like about this Band is that it has two gun pouches; one for auto's and one for revolvers and you are able to place the pouch (you want to use), anywhere on your waist. One day you can wear your auto appendix carry, the other, strong side or even cross draw. You can place it as low as you want on your waist or as high. Whatever is comfortable for YOU. I know that most feel you should always carry the same way, everyday, but sometimes your clothing or being in a car dictates otherwise. With this Band you could be carrying strong side (right) and before getting into the car you could put it in the other pouch (cross-draw) or rotate the entire Band around to accommodate cross-draw, etc...

    Also, many IWB are dictated by where your belt loops are and that may not be exactly where you want it on your person. The Band allows you to place it EXACTLY where you are most comfortable.
    Don't get me wrong, I am not implying that IWBs are inferior or un-comfortable. I have several including a Milt Sparks VMII and several top Galco models; its just that most IWBs are non-adjustable or are limited where you can move them. I am just very pleased the way this Band operates... It really surprised me. (Sorry if I sound like a commercial).

    I have discovered one thing however... In my case, IWB models have been better with an adjustable belt like the fabric belts with the "D" ring, i.e. Trainers and Operators Tactical Belts, since with a conventional belt, one hole was too loose and the next was always too tight. The adjustable belts allow you to make it exactly where you want it.

    Negatives: Yes, when you take it off, there is some perspiration underneath but not a big deal. Also, I did feel some sharpness to the Velcro (on bare skin) but after about twenty minutes, it went away.

    Overall, I would highly recommend this Belly Band. It is very comfortable for me and serves the original purpose I purchased it for.
    I did consider the Smart Carry but liked the many carry options you have with the Belly Band.
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    I'm currently using my bellyband while I await delivery of the holster I ordered for my new SP101. I hadn't actually used the bellyband much before. Im getting to like the large number of options for positioning the gun. I usually strap mine on at belt level and effectively carry my SP101 inside the waist band at about 2:45. Very handy tool and the gun disappears even under not so loose tee shirts. I'm beginning to appreciate this Galco bellyband.
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    I almost forgot I have one that I haven't used since I got my crossbreed
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