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This is a discussion on Question re:ankle holster within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by chickdiver I've considered the ramifications. I am a 5'2" female with an hourglass figure. I work in a casual office, so that ...

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Thread: Question re:ankle holster

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    Quote Originally Posted by chickdiver View Post
    I've considered the ramifications.

    I am a 5'2" female with an hourglass figure. I work in a casual office, so that means jeans and lightweight t shirts in the summer. I almost ALWAYS wear 2"-3.5" heels- so my jeans are all hemmed long for that. Not that ANYONE in my office would say anything if they did ride up a bit (family business- all of us are gun owners). IWB is not really an option for a couple of reasons:
    1. I have to have the waist on all my pants tailored or they have a huge gap - I have them tailored to my waist measurement- no extra room in there.
    2. I hate and refuse to wear belts.
    3. 99% of my pants are "low rise".
    I got some good ideas from this thread:

    I think there were one or two women in the list who had slender frames and were able to OWB carry. It might give you some ideas just to see the different ways people carry.

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    Concerning ankle holsters. Many of them leave a lot to be desired in the way of design and construction.
    There is no worse way to carry than in a poorly designed ankle holster.

    Lou Alessi makes one of the most time proved best ones.
    Your wait time for one will be quite long though.
    You may not want to wait 50 plus weeks.
    There is a reason why the wait time is so long and that's because it's one of the only ankle rigs that people can tolerate wearing.
    Here is a PIC of the Alessi rig.

    You might also want to try Kramer.
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    I had a bad experience with a Bianchi ankle holster once. Never got used to the weight of the S&W 459... maybe too big a gun for that kind of carry, but worse than that, I was walking to the car one night kind of in a 1/2 trot because it was raining and lost the damn gun! Just kind of went skidding across the parking lot out in front of me! Of course it scratched the finish too! Major Party Foul!

    I do however have an ankle rig to carry a couple of spare mags for my Back-Up Gun and also have one to carry my cash and ID for use when I am running out of pockets to put all the stuff I carry.

    I think an ankle rig is excellent for those kinds of items! If wearing without socks... get one that has a piece of sheep skin that goes against your skin. There are several out there like that.
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    I know you asked specifically about an ankle rig, but is a shoulder holster an option for you? I understand that some woman find it easier than other methods, and the gun can be drawn from a sitting position. Do you wear vests or a sports jacket that can cover it?

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    I still don't understand why everyone wants to poh-poh ankle carry and keep offering some alternative method. Why not have a holster for every method? It's like 4 weeks out of the year durring the worst part of summer she wants to use ankle carry. So what.

    I'm waiting for my CTAC tuckable and in the mean time, I've shoved my G27 down my cowboy boot (inside of a minimalist OWB holster for trigger protection). Better to have it even if it is less than ideal carry method.

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    I like to carry my jframe in one sometimes but it's not realy practical fpr me.

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    G26 + galco ankle glove = my buddies fav method of carry.

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    I've never put my ankle rig on over a sock- I imagine socks might make them slip around a bit. When I ankle carry, it is a Galco ankle glove against my skin with my snubbie. It is sooooo comfy, and it holds it close to the leg so it doesn't wobble, even running. Heels, no problem- actually fits a little bit looser, as the calf muscle is more pushed up. The rig sits above the ankle, not on the ankle, snug aroung my lower calf. Mine does not slip.

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    Thought I'd chime in here. I have a desantis ankle rig that I rarely use, as I'm not a fan of the ankle carry. However, it is pretty comfortable, and with the pps, totally concealable. Socks cause slippage, so skin is preferred. As far as fears with running etc, if you are wearing heals how much running are you going to do?? Ankle carry is like the smart carry in the fact that its an option for those without many options. easy to reach under a desk, and with proper practice can be drawn and fired quickly. The best advice is to start your holster collection, try it out, if it doesn't work for you, move on to another option.
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    I've carried with an ankle holster and it is better than not carrying at all.
    There are some great ones out there but, ankle is most commonly a place to carry a secondary weapon.

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