#234 DeepConcealment Shoulder Holsters

I hope that the link works, I am computer illiterate.

I saw this system on DC awhile back and have been meaning to get it. Well I finally did. This is probably the best way to carry a BUG in uniform IMO.

I usually only carry one gun off-duty, but while working I ALWAYS have two. I have tried ankle carry (not a fan), belly band (drops below vest), shoulder rig (too bulky under a shirt), and vest holster (works ok but too far back to draw effectively). But this rig holds tight to the body and has shoulder straps so that it doesn't drop. I also like the canted cross draw.

My duty gun is a Glock 23. I've used this holster twice, once with my S&W 640 and once with my G27. Comfort goes to the 640. But with the G27, 2 G22 mags on the opposite side and 2 G23 mags on my duty belt I have 80 rounds of .40SW 165gr Hydra-shoks. Seems a bit extreme. And it was a little hot and a bit bulky with all that euipment over my vest and under a short sleeve uniform shirt.

Even though it makes more sense to carry the G27 I think I will just stick with my 640 and maybe throw one G22 mag on the opposite side so I can be more comfortable. At least in the warmer months.

This rig also would be nice for a deeply concealed weapon for anyone.

I think that it was worth the money.