Carry while mountain biking

Carry while mountain biking

This is a discussion on Carry while mountain biking within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Anyone ever do this? I have a S&W 642 that is pocket carried daily (waist band holsters are in transit) and when I go mountain ...

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Thread: Carry while mountain biking

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    Carry while mountain biking

    Anyone ever do this? I have a S&W 642 that is pocket carried daily (waist band holsters are in transit) and when I go mountain biking I placed the revolver in my backpack. I don't like the idea of it being off my body, and secondly, it is going to be HORRIBLY slow should I need it. But I wear basketball shorts over spandex and an under armor shirt. Doesn't exactly leave a lot of room for concealment. Any thoughts on this topic?
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    I do the same. No where to conceal a gun while wearing exercise shorts and a t. I use a camelbak pack for my gear.
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    I have been really surprised how well my hidden ally from high noon has worked with athletic shorts and swim trunks (don't carry in the pool, just sayin). My LCP is completely hidden with a untucked shirt and just the clip shows if the shirt is up. The key is the drawstring needs to be tight.
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    If you wanto to be able to get to it quick don't put it in your backpack.

    Place it in a small case that attach's to your frame or handle bars. It would be much quicker to place into action if you ever did happen to need it, and if you had to run form a dog or something you could pedal faster and grab the gun at the same time.

    Trying to get to a gun in a backpack while trying to run from a dog can be comical to watch, and just about guarantees that the dog will come out ahead.
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    I picked up an LCP and it is quickly becoming my everywhere gun. SOOO easy to conceal. This topic has me thinking I could proably toss it in an under seat bag. I have a few other items in there I have to decide what's more important.

    I am not against keeping it in the hydration pack next to the MP3 player if its too difficult. I don't consider the trails to be a high threat area, but it's with me none the less.

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    there are stow-away pouches that you can buy that fit under your seat and ones that attach to the upper bar and the fork bar, nifty and quite reachable!

    good luck!
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    Fanny pack,mountain bikeing is the only time I use one,I bought one specifically for this reason.If I go into a store the pistol is always with me,quick into action,secure in a crash!

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    A fanny pack is my choice when biking and "fits" right in because people expect fanny packs on bikers. You could do Smartcarry if you have a SS gun but don't try it with blued guns.

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    My wife and I just started biking (hybrids) recently and I had some questions on related threads about CCW, vulnerabilities, scenarios, etc. while riding.

    Regarding holsters, I happened to go to a gun shop that was going out of business. Much of their inventory had been picked over but I found a kydex-type paddle holster made by RSR Defense (Israel) and it is made to fit my G27. I've been wearing cargo shorts when I ride and a long t-shirt which covers the OWB holster pretty good. The holster also has a retention button, so if I spill I think the chances of retaining my pistol are pretty good. I'm happy with it, I don't even know it's there.
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    Member TN MIKE routinely bikes and carries, maybe you can PM him. I think he open carries in Tennesse but I'm sure he has CC'd as well.
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    In my view putting a gun in the backback defeats the reason for carrying if for personal protection.


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    A small fanny pack would fit the bill here...I do the same when kayaking...OMO

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    I love Mt. Biking, and I carry O.W.B. with a thumb break. A pack is too slow. I use a Galco for either my 1911's or Sigs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by roadrash View Post
    Fanny pack,mountain bikeing is the only time I use one,I bought one specifically for this reason.If I go into a store the pistol is always with me,quick into action,secure in a crash!
    Me too, and it works well.
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    Take a look at the Safepacker and either The Packer Backer or the Safepacker Runner's Pack.

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