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This is a discussion on Retention Holsters within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Yeah, I'm just uncomfortable with something that traps your gun if it malfunctions/gets damaged, instead of being a fail-safe design that instead reverts to being ...

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Thread: Retention Holsters

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    Yeah, I'm just uncomfortable with something that traps your gun if it malfunctions/gets damaged, instead of being a fail-safe design that instead reverts to being a no-retention holster.

    I'm also a LEO, so my thoughts on retention may be different--I used to pooh-pooh the guys and gals who had thumb breaks (and tellingly, stupidly left them unsnapped during qualification...), but I'm beginning to think they may have a point, even if they're not training right. But, like you, my only thumb break is on a shoulder rig that I use when detailed as a driver.

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    Re: the Safariland design I mentioned above, I think it is pretty well designed. It's just a spring loaded lever that presses into the ejector port onto the breech of the autoloader and keeps the gun from being pulled out. When you draw, you are just hitting the lever with your thumb in the normal act of getting a combat grip. If anything, it lets you lever against the holster to get the gun out pretty quickly. The holster itself is hard plastic with a suede (or some such) lining.

    I think it is a good design, better (I suspect) than the SERPA---simpler mechanism, no modification to the draw, positive retention.
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    My 2 cents

    Well for my 2 cents,
    My wife was extremely uncomfortable with my decision to purchase and carry a side arm, but after getting my M-TAC and letting her and the kids try to remove it from the holster while I was wearing it she warmed up to the idea. Further while at a freinds shooting several people tried to draw my weapon(unloaded) from various positions, and the leather pushing my P-01 into the kydex made very difficult proposition. As to fighting it never fell out, and some of the guys were near full contact sparing while trying their hand at unholstering my weapon. In short retention holster, I don't need no stinking retention holster!

    But these are my only experiences.

    Stay safe,

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    The SERPA is very big around here.
    I have one Carbon Fiber Non-SERPA (same rig but minus the push retention) and you can use the tension adjustment screw to hold the fiream in there quite tight. So tight in fact that the firearm will never just fall out.

    I bought the non SERPA because it was less expensive and I just wanted a NON Leather rig for camping in the Spring when conditions can get quite damp.
    It's not a bad holster and it serves its purpose.
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    I do not use a holster while conceal carrying. I gave that up a while back. been carrying a Glock 30 and sometimes my full size usp .45 without one. been in 2 fist fights while carrying my glock un-holstered and did not loose it. I been doing plumbing as a living and climb in and out from under houses on my back and never lost it. just in the way you carry it. Now OC, yes, I use a serpa blackhawk. I just dont trust someone walking up and being able to grab it from me.
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    All mechanical gimmicky devices can fail,I do not want to risk the one time I need my gun it gets locked in the holster and gets me killed,Most Kydex/hybrids can be adjusted for retention to fit you're needs.Usually something requiring a firm drawing motion to unholster is good enough
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    I've been using the Serpa holsters for a couple years now, and have yet to have one fail on me. I usually don't roll around in dirt and rocks, so that's not a concern for me. I just picked up a Comp-Tac Infidel, and so far it has been my EDC holster of choice. I can't stand thumb breaks, and prefer open top holsters.
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    I use the Pro Undercover fro Comp-tac my gun feels snug not hug up when i draw and goes back in smooth.Might be nother approach.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AgentX View Post
    I've seen a SERPA jam with grit. I've also read many, many reports of NDs instigated by the finger positioning when actuating the release--yeah, ultimately operator error, but why use equipment that's inherently conducive to bad habits?
    Could you expand a little bit on how the correct finger position when drawing differs between non-retention holsters and the SERPA? Isn't it true that if you are drawing with a proper combat grip and the index finger is extended so that it is against the frame as the draw is completed that your finger will not be near the trigger and that it should stay there until your target is acquired and verified? Rather than being conducive to bad habits, it seems to me that the SERPA actually forces you to position the index finger correctly.

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    The issue has come from people "pressing" the button with the tips of their fingers towards the gun during the draw, and the fingers subsequently entering the trigger guard as they complete the draw. Again, operator issue, but this has happened to trained, experienced individuals (most of whom have shot themselves in the lower body).

    And even if you keep the finger straight, you still have to press it in towards the gun to actuate the lever--this is not a motor movement I like to add to my own drawstroke in any case, much less under stress, which exaggerates things.

    I was planning on posting links to some of the cases, but they're all on closed forums. Haven't Googled it, so maybe there's some easier info to find around the Net. And I'm no expert on this stuff... just heard the noise about it and saw a SERPA get stuck up, which was enough for me.

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    IMHO retention holster good for bicycling

    I've mentioned in previous threads that my wife and I are doing some bicycle riding for the cardio benefits. Since bike riding causes you to be pretty vulnerable I'm CCW. Also, I haven't wrecked or had a nasty spill yet, but I know that the possibility exists. I decided that I wanted a holster with retention so I could increase my chances of keeping my CCW in my possession if I were to wreck. I'd rather for EMS to discover my gun rather than some child find later after they've hauled me away.

    A good while back I happened to be at a gun store going-out-of-business sale and I bought a few items. One was a RSR Defense holster. They are made in Israel, polymer, and have a retention button. It's a paddle-type holster and is made specifically for my G27. I carry it OWB while covering it with a long t shirt. The polymer is especially good in repelling "sweat".

    I'm very happy with the entire rig for cycling, and for that use I like the retention feature.

    Once upon a time, I carried a C&L 1911 in a thumb break leather holster, I felt good about carrying it on-duty. Back in the 1970's, during the revolver era, I got some strange looks, but I didn't care, I was a early reader of Jeff Cooper.
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