Holster Heresy?

Holster Heresy?

This is a discussion on Holster Heresy? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ok, holster pros. Help out the newbie. I bought an incredible Andrews crossdraw IWB. Waited 14 weeks for it. Two huge car bills sent my ...

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Thread: Holster Heresy?

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    Holster Heresy?

    Ok, holster pros. Help out the newbie. I bought an incredible Andrews crossdraw IWB. Waited 14 weeks for it. Two huge car bills sent my Equinox 229 packing. Been trying to sell my crossdraw without much luck. Been trying to be a GOOD IWB for my Steyr 40. Nothing. Question: the Steyr fits in the Andrews holster but is very tight. Is there anything I can do to loosen/reform the 229 holster to reasonably fit my Steyr. I would love to kill two birds with one stone. Thanks!
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    I would recommend using a Holster designed for your particular firearm.

    If you are bound and determined to make something "work" you can always put your gun in a plastic bag and shove it in the Holster for a day or so. I do not recommend this, and you do so at your own peril.

    Select a gun, then a mode of carry and then a Belt Holster combo and be done with it is my advice. I'd have kept the Sig if it were me and sold a dog or mowed somebody's lawn to pay the car bill, but that's just me.

    Sell the Holster on flea-bay and get one for your gun. You will ruin your Holster if you do the "plastic bag trick" and it will not work like a Holster designed for your firearm. You will also make it non-desirable to a Sig owner if you should try to sell it later. In short, you will create an exspensive piece of junk.


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    Select a gun, then a mode of carry and then a Belt Holster combo and be done with it is my advice. I'd have kept the Sig if it were me and sold a dog or mowed somebody's lawn to pay the car bill, but that's just me.
    Hindsight is 20/20, and sometimes others opinions may be hard to swallow, but fact are facts, and what's done is done. Don't ruin the holster you have or you'll be out the cost of that or whatever you could recover. Look at other alternatives for carrying your Steyr or be without a carry.

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    Always use the correct holster for the firearm. "it almost fits right" isn't something you want to be saying, as the gun will not be secure, draw correctly or ride right.
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    Do This At Your Own Risk.

    It would be sort of a shame to do this with a nice Andrews holster but, you could dunk it in warm (not hot) water for a while.

    Since the leather will already have some sort of protective final finish on it - you'll need to really let it soak for a while until it really absorbs the water.

    If you have a lot of minerals in your tap water then soak it in room temperature distilled water. Just buy a gallon jug of distilled.

    And since you are going to have to leave your firearm in a wet holster (possibly overnight) - don't trust a regular plastic bag!

    Buy an Oven Cooking Bag since they are Nylon or Teflon and will not tear or rip like a cheap plastic bag...oil up your firearm really well and put it into the oven bag...insert it into the wet holster and start pressing the holster with your fingers to reshape, remold, and stretch it to your new firearm dimensions.

    If the leather has absorbed water and the fibers get wet the holster will remold and reshape to some good degree.

    Doing this may mess up the original final finish but, if you are wearing it IWB - then it should not matter what it looks like as long as it's functional.

    NOTE that you'll probably have to leave your firearm in the holster at least until it begins to dry out and then carefully remove your gun and allow the holster to dry naturally all the way. Don't force dry it.

    That should work OK since you can get away with a bit more with an IWB style holster than with an OWB.

    Good Luck.
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    You need to become familiar with a term many use here called a...
    'holster box'...we all have them...

    Stay armed...use the correct holster...stay safe!
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    I too am a Steyr fan..

    Have you talked to Rich at CCC yet???
    Custom Carry Concepts

    I have a bunch of his stuff..

    Also here is a list of folks that make holsters for the M and A1 Styer.

    Steyr Club Approved vendor:
    K&D Holsters | Custom Gun Leather and Shooting Accessories Leather

    Custom Carry Concepts - Kydex
    Blade Tech holsters, knives and tactical gear for military, law enforcement, shooting competition and hunting. - Kydex
    Fobus Holsters : Fobus USA - Sig 229/Steyr
    High Noon Holsters - Leather
    HOLSTERS - Kydex/leather
    DonHume.com - Kydex/Leather
    Galco holsters; Holsters; Gun holster, pistol holsters, western holsters, shoulder holsters, leather holster and Glock holsters - Leather
    Wild Bill's Concealment Holsters - Leather
    Tucker Gunleather - Leather
    Graham's Custom Gun Leather - Leather
    Kirkpatrick Leather Holsters - Concealment Holsters, Western Holsters, Duty Holsters, 1911 Holsters, Concealment Holsters and More. - Leather
    Del Fatti Leather - Leather
    Comp-Tac - Kydex
    Haugen Handgun Leather ::: Quality Handcrafted Leather Goods For The Discriminating Shooter - concealment holsters, hunting holsters, cowboy holsters all hand made - Leather
    BAGMASTER - Quality Bags, Cases and Holsters - Nylon/Cordura
    Hoffners Custom Leather Holsters - Leather
    Holsters, Holsters for Handguns and Concealment - Leather
    Double Triple - #1 in Service and Selection - Universal holster
    AKJ Concealco LLC - Concealment gun holsters, personal defense related equipment, and other gunleather. - Leather
    Holster for people you know Quality - Leather
    Uncle Mikes - The Leader in Shooting Accessories - Universal nylon/cordura
    index - Kydex
    Bulman Gunleather Concealment Systems - Leather
    http://www.Contact-Holsters.lv - Leather
    Welcome to JMG Holsters! - Leather

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    I'm suprised that noone has mentioned the obvious first step.

    I gather that the holster is still new and in pristine condition.

    Why do anything dumb without contacting the seller/manufacturer first.
    If I've seen anything on these boards, it's that the mark of a respected seller is that they'll work with you to make you happy.

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    Have you tried to sell it on the SIG Forum?
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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