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Carrying in a wedding dress

This is a discussion on Carrying in a wedding dress within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Your best bet is to hope that your Smart Carry will work. If it doesn't and you want to go with a thigh holster, I'm ...

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Thread: Carrying in a wedding dress

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    Your best bet is to hope that your Smart Carry will work. If it doesn't and you want to go with a thigh holster, I'm afraid you're going to need a smaller / lighter firearm. The Galco Thigh Band holster isn't even offered for 1911 style firearms. If the Smart Carry or a smaller firearm aren't an option, the only other thing I can think of would be a Tactical Thigh holster in conjunction with a thin web belt around your waist under the dress.

    BTW, congratulations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doctype View Post
    No one wants to admit it, but it would be HOT when the garter came down and you saw a weapon. Just don't tell our wives.
    Just knowing my wife has a gun on her is hot!
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    Depending on how well the dress is fitted, you could wear a bellyband and have the dress altered with an access slot that is held closed with velcro or very light snaps. Of course you could always insist that your fiance purchase you a new BUG for the occasion.

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    I'm thinking of my wedding dress here and how I would have concealed a firearm in it had I had the legality to do it (our wedding was in WI where no carry is allowed).

    My wedding dress was/is very form fitting, all the way down to the hips and the only way it would have been even remotely possible to conceal ANY handgun under it would have been thigh. However, I would have chosen or borrowed another gun (a Kel-Tec P3AT comes to mind) rather than even TRY to carry my Kimber under there.

    My CDP is about the same size and weight as your Aegis, perhaps a little heavier but I'm talking by a very few ounces.

    I can see it now, on the alter, in the middle of exchanging the vows and it starts to slip down.. further, further, and what am I going to do? In front of all those guests am I going to turn around, jack up my skirt and try to keep my gun from spilling out on the alter floor? I think not. How embarrassing!

    Not to mention the chaffing and funny walking up and down the aisle when I'm supposed to be gliding on air!

    Yeah, I would have definitely tried to get my hands on a lighter gun, even if it was just for the day.

    Second, if you go the thigh route I would recommend something that (gentlemen, cover your eyes and if I see a SINGLE comment about what I'm about to talk about I'm going to delete it!) you can hook in some fashion to your under garments even if you have to sew a button to it and attack it via elastic just as some insurance that you aren't going to loose the whole set-up in the middle of walking down the aisle.

    It's one thing if you are going to be sitting at the opera or at a desk all day, it's another thing entirely when you are walking down an aisle, standing at an alter (THE CENTER OF ATTENTION) and then dancing, moving around to greet guests, and basically on your feet the entire day.

    Resist the urge to just strap the thing as tight as possible or get a smaller size to make it fit tighter because you ARE going to want circulation to your leg. I'm an easy-going gal too and my knees were still shaking on that alter, adding no circulation to a leg and I probably would have toppled over.

    Second, chickdiver was right, you aren't going to get to the thing in a hurry if you need it and while it's more of a symbolic thing for you (which is fine) I'd recommend having a place to stash the gun JUST IN CASE you decide this was just one symbolic thing you are going to have to give up on. You may make it the whole night, but there may come a time when you say, "You know what? This wasn't the greatest of ideas." You want to take it off but if you don't have a place to put it you are stuck being uncomfortable on the day you are supposed to be the happiest of your life.

    Just have a backup plan in case you later do want to disarm.

    I remember it did take a bridesmaid coming with me to help me pick up my dress so I could go to the bathroom and it took TWO bridesmaids to put up my bustle and all THREE of my bridesmaids to help me put my garter on because I forgot to do it before I put the dress on. There was NO WAY I was getting to a gun quickly without help.

    If you're expecting trouble, I recommend asking the groom to carry,

    Third, practice, practice, practice with the thing. If you do end up getting a thigh rig for your aegis and fixing it up so it WILL NOT slip off, make sure you have it ready in plenty of time to do a couple "dry-runs" with it. Try it on with your wedding dress, walk around with it, wear it to your rehearsal and see how it feels. The last thing you want is to get it on and be walking down the aisle and find that the rear sight or grip safety gouges your leg every time you take a step. Trust me, you don't even want to be remotely uncomfortable at the alter, you will miss the most important and beautiful part of the entire day and you WILL regret it.

    I'm sure you are going to do all you can to make this the wedding of your dreams (after all, you're only doing it once, right?) just make sure you aren't even putting a single snare in your wonderful day because of your gun. In 50 years you are going to look back and you aren't going to give a darn whether you were carrying a gun or not, but you are going to give a darn whether or not you remember all the other wonderful moments of the day. I'd much rather remember my husband's smile than the agony I felt when the checkering on the main-spring-housing chaffed my thigh while I was dancing.

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    If it is more symbolic than a need, consider a NAA derringer or similar , you have less weight and more options to conceal it. Plus you can own a last ditch , up close and personal , take anywhere gun. Heck I have gone swimming with mine in a sandwich bag.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ozshadow View Post
    From the wedding dresses I have seen - you could conceal a Barrett 50 BMG in one with all that fluffy stuff.
    Ain't that the truth!
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    If you trust your maid of honor, how about hiding it in your bouquet somehow? It would have to be sealed in plastic somehow to keep moisture away from it, but it could be done.

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    to answer a few questions. no i dont have anyone else that will carry for me, nor would i want that, like i said, its more symbolic.
    I would love to get a smaller gun for the wedding. anyone got a few hundred dollars they can lend me? ... didnt think so. ill use what i got. and now that i say that, im not going to bother with the thigh rig. ill try my dress on with my smartcarry. that would be way more comfy and safe anyways. if it doesnt work, oh well.
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    I think you're on the right track with the way you're trouble shooting the carry methods. The biggest problem is, you're just going to have to try different rigs on until you find one that's at least "acceptably" comfortable and concealable with your dress. The Aegis shouldn't be too difficult to conceal, at least compared to some other guns we conceal on a regular basis - as you said, you've got to go with what you've got.

    More importantly, congratulations on your upcoming wedding and welcome to Tennessee - glad to have you here!

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    At least if you use a smartcarry it won't be like your on a date getting romantic and all of a sudden the guy looks petrified takes you home and never calls again and you hear thru the grapevine he felt your "package"
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    You mentioned your husband isn't wearing a suit, soo I'll assume your not wearing a traditional wedding dress. That said; my ex-wife carried a Kel Tec P32 w/belt clip tucked into her skirt (I even painted the clip to match the night before). PM inbound.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dunndw View Post

    A bride with a fighting hang out with Angelia Jolie much any more :-)
    Actually, Angelina and I have a nodding acquaintance.
    She knows nodding at all about me!
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    actually im wearing a semi normal wedding dress minus the train.
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    This one would look great but I don't think it'll handle an Aegis.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chickdiver View Post
    I have to agree with my fellow Floridians.....

    From a woman's perspective:

    1. While there may be a great many women who frequent and post on this board, carrying in a wedding dress is an unusual application, and one I am sure most have no experience with, and likely haven't even thought about.

    2. I wonder about your motivation to do so. I fully understand "because I can" as a motivation. I use it all the time. I also get the impression that your parents aren't supportive of your carrying a gun. If part of the appeal is to torque your parents, you might want to give that some more consideration. Realistically, carrying in a wedding dress is going to be more symbolic than anything else- you'll hardly be able to use the restroom without assistance, much less access a weapon.

    3. As David in FL states, wedding are emotionally charged events. Regardless of how much you love your fiance or how "right" a thing marrying him is- your wedding WILL be stressful. As you dress for the event, you will have NO privacy. Further, wedding dresses are the most uncomfortable creations known to (wo)man. You'll be concerned about all sorts of things- like how you can't breathe, whether you'll ..umm.. "fall out" of it, how uncomfortable the spiffy foundation garments are, "OH MY GOD... what do you mean Mary has 3MM pearl earrings?? I SPECIFICALLY said 6MM pearl earrings!!!" .... you get the idea. Then there's the important stuff- like the mind numbing fear and urge to run that happens when the bridal march starts to play.

    I know this has been a little over the top and facetious, but trust me, you will worry about all these things and more. If you are really concerned about your personal safety, have a talk with your fiance, and let him handle it (men really do love to take care of us, even -or perhaps especially- when we are perfectly capable of taking care of ourselves!). From the wedding day forward you will be a team- start thinking that way asap and you'll be ahead of the game.

    She said she wasn't drinking and all was legal.. I see no problem with her carrying on her wedding day if she wants to. I would. Very few has answered her simple question. Most are giving advice as to carry or not to carry.
    To the OP. Carry, because you want to and it's your wedding...
    Since it's tight in the "Smart carry area" that's ruled out. If you carry on a thigh holster , I'm sure it would be fine as long as you have a way to secure it where it won't slide. But I would make it a smaller gun. Maybe a small revolver wore really high so the guy that catches the garter doesn't see it. Not many options in a wedding dress....Good luck to you.

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