Hello guys,

My local shop has yet to find me a LCP but the holster arrived the other day from the good folks at HIGH NOON HOLSTERS.

The POCKET GRABBER is in natural horsehide with a black synthetic trim
that has a 'grippy' feel to it..

Sadly, with no LCP for testing. This fine holster
doesn't fit my Beretta 100% yet still looks good and feels great in the

Sticky enough to stay firm but not so sticky that you can't take it out at the end of the night if needed.

Like all other High Noon products that I've owned or tested.

This holster shows great design and workmanship, and is
well worth the money spent.

Horsehide shouldn't rot, stretch or lose form like cowhide.
This holster stays put with zero motion from side to side and
offers a low profile in your front pocket, without sacrificing
a speedy draw.

In either material. The HN Pocket Grabber and Pocket Reload
should appeal to many a new LCP or other mouse gun owners.

Have a second look!
Pocket Holsters