Ladies of DC carry methods

Ladies of DC carry methods

This is a discussion on Ladies of DC carry methods within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; What do you all use for carrying, IWB and OWB? My wife is going to need some on person carry methods coming up soon. She ...

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Thread: Ladies of DC carry methods

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    Ladies of DC carry methods

    What do you all use for carrying, IWB and OWB?

    My wife is going to need some on person carry methods coming up soon.
    She is 5 foot even and 110#, has the hour glass figure, so any comments of what your using would be awesome.

    Guys chime in with what your wives might be using as well.

    The firearm is a GLOCK 26.

    Thinking going to order her up a lefty Sparks Axiom for Christmas as well.

    I have seen some of the custom makers have models geared towards the ladies, so anyone have those, that feedback would be great as well.


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    I prefer IWB or my belly band. Some carry methods for women depend upon her clothing. Wear an open shirt like a jacket - carry OWB easier, but IWB okay. Fitted pants, and blousy tops - IWB. No pockets? - Belly band, smart carry, etc.

    She's going to have to try a few. Lots of women prefer no cant on the holster. It seems to fit the hips/waistline better.

    I carry a Cochise Defender from K&D Holsters. It has adjustable clips to help customize the cant. Hope this helps.

    Great job remembering that off-body carry (like a purse) is a bad idea.
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    Many of my women customers go for an appendix carry solution. Generally with less or no cant.

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    I prefer 2:00 carry IWB personally. My favorite way to hide it is with a baby-doll style or empire waist top, the fuller, floaty fabric covering the belt clip/butt of the gun in a no-frills IWB clip. I like mine canted, so the muzzle doesnt dig in my leg as I sit down, but rather slides to the outside. I also do the bellyband with skirts, tucked in shirts, etc. Sometimes, depending on the outfit and situation, I may have to do deep cover with the bellyband worn high on the waist. I have been known to do IWB clip in the top of a boot, and to carry an ankle rig from time to time.

    The only place I have been stubbornly UNSUCCESSFUL in concealing on my body is at the typical 4:00 position. get caught every time. but then again, I don't usually wear alot of over-clothes, like jackets and open blouses over camis, both of which are instrumental in concealment at that location. Especially seeing how women's pants are not particullary known for covering that area very well (grr). Thankfully, I always try new holsters and carry methods out among friends before taking it to the general public.

    good luck to your wife. She doesn't have to dress frumpy to conceal on her body!

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    I think I would have to actually "SEE" some of this carry method before I recommended it to some other woman.
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    Limatunes posted a lot of pictures. Do some searching here and you should find the thread.

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    A very thin gal I know carries he G-26 in her purse. She sewed in some velcro that mates to a nylon velcro holster. Seems to work for her.
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    I'm very small (when I'm not pregnant), 5'3" 105 lbs. and conceal wonderfully at the 3:30, 4:00 o'clock position. Moreso, I believe, because I have a very slim gun that is held wonderfully close to my body.

    A lot of the times I don't need an extra cover garment like an open blouse as long as I'm carrying IWB and with a little more comfortable of a shirt.

    Even carrying OWB I've not had to wear special cover garments.

    I will post some pictures.

    This is my typical carry gun though the rig may change depending on what I'm wearing...

    I'm wearing a sweater in the picture, not because I need help concealing but just because I'm cold. That shirt concealed the entire gun and OWB holster wonderfully.

    But, if you want to go the OWB method with cover garment, that's certainly possible as well.

    IWB used to be very comfortable for me. It's not anymore because of this....

    but I'm looking forward to getting back to that method of carry when this little one is born.

    My recommendation for women is to be picky about the type of pants they buy.

    If she has an hour-glass figure then she'll understand what I'm saying when I say that pants that have high waists will be too high for her holsters. The swell of her hips and the height of her waistline will cause the gun to dig into her side/ribs/skin and it will become uncomfortable very quickly.

    However, TOO LOW of a cut will do the opposite. The gun will be pushed out and she will have a very hard time with concealment.

    The best pants I've found have been those with a Medium rise, not around my actual waist but not below my hips. The pants that hold my gun perfectly are those wherein the very top of the waistband is in line with the top of my hip bones. This is perfect. It holds the gun high and tight next to my body so I don't print, but low enough where it is not digging into my flesh and making my carry experience uncomfortable.

    I hope she finds something she's comfortable with. My best gal friend carried a G26 and is very happy with it. Good luck to her.

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    i carry mine in a ctac (iwb kydex) and i also have a smartcarry for when i want to wear a not-loose shirt. both work great and are comfortable. i learned a long time ago that choosing a holster has nothing to do with gender, or even general body type, but very specific body type- exactly how and where the curves are. only way to go is find a place that sells plenty of holsters and try em all out if they let you, or get a few of them that have 100% return policies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by friesepferd View Post
    i carry mine in a ctac (iwb kydex) and i also have a smartcarry for when i want to wear a not-loose shirt. both work great and are comfortable. i learned a long time ago that choosing a holster has nothing to do with gender, or even general body type, but very specific body type- exactly how and where the curves are. only way to go is find a place that sells plenty of holsters and try em all out if they let you, or get a few of them that have 100% return policies.
    Actually, there is a third option- a true custom holster. Ihave had a hard time finding a comfortable IWB, and there aren't many made for my carry gun as it is relatively new. On another members suggestion I contacted a custom holster maker about making a holster for me. I should have the first prototype pretty soon. We traded a lot of email, including pictures and my measurements before he started working on the prototype.
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    My wife was at the grocery store the other day, and she saw a woman appendix carrying, pretty much open and not concealed. I asked my wife what she was carrying and (lol) she says she doesn't know one gun from another.

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    My wife is all about the smartcarry and IWB clip-ons such as the cheapie uncle mikes stuff. Just works for her.

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    Here's one that works, a shirt they wear under their normal top. There are also sleeveless ones that are different, but couldn't find it right now.

    Concealed Carry Holsters by Buster's Holsters

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    Grandmother Carry??

    My wife of 48 years and mother of our 3 children says that I do not understand the carry problems of the mature woman with the body changes that age and childbirth cause. She stubbornly sticks with a purse carry (Kahr PM 9) which I continually worry about. Loose the purse, loose the protection.

    I am having a difficult time recommending something with which she might be satisfied without getting hit about the head and shoulders. Showing her the photos of the pretty, slim (did I say slim) young ladies and their carry approaches does not help my case either. How about a smartcarry -- not with my stomach. How about an IWB -- I do not always wear a belt; besides won't it show when I sit down (for example, with beltless knit shorts and a tee shirt). How about an OWB -- I might wear a belt, but the gun and holster will push out the bottom of my shirt. Getting old has it good points, but ....

    I need help (with photos if possible) of grandmother carry ideas for casual wear, going out (eating, socializing), shopping, hot weather situations, and so on. I understand that she will need more than one carry setup to match the weather, activity, and clothing. Any grandmothers out there that can offer some suggestion from their own experience?



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    OWB is definately the more comfortable choice, but for me, IWB is my preference because I do not generally wear a cover shirt.

    Most any holster can feel "okay" when trying it on while standing up and moving around, but the problem comes when sitting down. Our curves cause grips to tilt IN when we sit down and poke into ribs. Most holster makers don't take into account with IWB and women -- is that our torsos are generally shorter than mens. So the angles on the holster need to be adjusted to "fit" our bodies better.

    David at customized an IWB for my Colt Defender. The cant is angled toward a cross draw and the belt clip makes the gun sit a little lower on the belt so the grip of the gun lies almost parallel and just behind the belt instead of sitting on top of it. I carry at appendix. The cross draw cant allows the grip to sit almost parallel to the top of my belt and keeps from poking me in my ribs and the slight transverse slant of the muzzle keeps it from poking me in the groin when I sit down.

    It conceals well and is not uncomfortable to carry. It's perfect.

    I want to add a plug for smartcarry. I use it a lot, but I don't wear it as traditionally described. I use it up closer to the waist band of my pants so the grip is also just below my belt line and it's easy to get to. I don't have to dig down into my pants to reach it. It's perfect for a lot of reason, it conceals well under heavy fabrics like jeans and lightweight fabrics like sweats. It stays where you put it and that means a lot when you're going to the bathroom. There isn't any concern the gun will fall out when you drop your pants, because it is secured around your waist! For people who don't want to use belts w/holsters this is the ticket.

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