5" 1911 in owb anyone here do it?

5" 1911 in owb anyone here do it?

This is a discussion on 5" 1911 in owb anyone here do it? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm wanting a OWB rig for my 1911's and was considering a Null Gibraltar speed scabbard,Kramer belt scabbard or a galco concealable. which of these ...

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Thread: 5" 1911 in owb anyone here do it?

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    5" 1911 in owb anyone here do it?

    I'm wanting a OWB rig for my 1911's and was considering a Null Gibraltar speed scabbard,Kramer belt scabbard or a galco concealable. which of these is the most stable and highest riding? I've carried alot in owb rigs but mostly a 3 1/2" 1911 or snub nose revolver nothing longer than that. So for those here that carry owb can it be hidden with only a t shirt or polo type shirt,i.e. with out wearing 2 shirts?

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    I'm thinking if you carry a 5" 1911 owb the weapon grip may be high enough to make a good draw a little awkward, if you carry at the same height as an IWB holster there is a good chance the holster could show under cover garment
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1911luver View Post
    can it be hidden with only a t shirt or polo type shirt,i.e. with out wearing 2 shirts?
    Yes, quite easily, I've carried that way for years. I have not used the holsters you mentioned, but used/use an Askins Avenger (Bruce Nelson's #1 holster).
    Askins Avenger Holster

    For inside the pants I use a Milt Sparks Watch-Six, or a Summer Special.
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    OWB 5"

    I have seen Garrity's high ride OWB. It used a middle loop in the back to add stability.
    Milt Sparks #60TK rides pretty high...
    Mernickles PS6 (Mernickle Custom Holsters - Performance Series) is a really nice high ride. A deputy friend swears by it.
    Tucker's pancake (Pancake) may work.
    Or I have seen a few by Little Feather that may fit the bill. I think he even makes a high ride paddle. LFL Home Page

    I am sure there are hundreds more, but those are some off the top of my head.

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    I do with a H.B.E. pancake...I do have to wear a long shirt tho..

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    I routinely carry my 5" Nighthawk Custom 1911 in a Milt Sparks Axiom holster. An absolutely wonderful holster and coupled with a 1.5" Milt Sparks belt....you forget it is there. Alternatively, I also use a Milt Sparks Summer Special II IWB which I also love.
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    I do it every day use a serpa holster with a good cover shirt.

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    I carry my Taurus PT1911 with a Desantis Speed Scabbard (black) w/ no problems. Make sure you have a good, heavy-duty belt. Check it out: SPEED SCABBARD
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    I carry my XD40 in a Don Hume OWB pancake holster under a untucked polo, and I have never had any problems. I don't really like IWB holsters they're uncomfortable to me. So I dress around my carry, and I wear the same gun in the same holster all year long. I think the holsters you mentioned will work just fine, but also check out the Don Hume H721 I am really pleased with mine. here is a link for you to check out DonHume.com - Product Details
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    If you intend to "high ride" a full size 1911 then make certain that you buy a really great quality stiff gun belt.
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    I use a ROG belt holster. With a untucked shirt. This is mine with a 5" pt1911.ROG holsters rog holster rogholsters gunleatherusa gun_leather gun leather holster IWB
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    I don't carry my 5" 1911 that often, but when I do, it rides just fine in a Tucker HF1. The key is that the holster hold the grip tight against the body. Then practically any decent cover garment will work. A good gunbelt is a must, though.
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    My SA Champ has seen about a 1000+ miles on the motocycle in this rig. Sticks out some when riding but blends in with my black jacket, but the holster is well hidden when I stop and stand. Untuck my shirt before I take my jacket off. This is a HBE Askins style and I Love It!!! Missed a loop on purpose to take the pic. Rides a little higher when I weave it through all the belt loops.

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    I routinely carry a Taurus PT1911 in a Mitch Rosen belt scabbard underneath a tank top.

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    When I carry my 1911 OWB I use a Galco Cop Slot. It rides great for me.
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