Open Top vs. Thumb Break

Open Top vs. Thumb Break

This is a discussion on Open Top vs. Thumb Break within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Newbee here and wanted to get the local opinion on an open top holster, with a retention spring/clip, virus one with a thumb break. I'm ...

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Thread: Open Top vs. Thumb Break

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    Open Top vs. Thumb Break

    Newbee here and wanted to get the local opinion on an open top holster, with a retention spring/clip, virus one with a thumb break.
    I'm sure there are pro's and cons to this question, i.e. draw, fit, feel, safety?
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    I prefer retention holsters, but they both have their places.

    Obviously those in the retention crowd, like myself, will argue the virtues of weapon retention during a physical altercation that does not require a weapon - or when surprised and time to draw your weapon has been eliminated.

    On the other hand, one could argue that a retention holster makes you more likely to have time eliminated with an extra split second required to draw - and in some circumstances going hands-on just won't be likely.

    I see and appreciate both sides of the argument. In my work I am charged with protecting someone else against all kinds of harm - physical harm, injury and even embarrassment. This means I am far more likely to go hands-on then draw. So I always carry with retention at work. With my family, I am not going to wrestle with someone while my family is unprotected - I am more likely to escalate quickly to protect my infant daughter and my wife, so retention is not as necessary (although I still prefer it).
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    I used a thumb breaks all my life as an LEO. I like the open tops since I carry only concealed now.
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    If you're just John Q. Citizen (not fighting crime for a living), IMHO, you don't need the retention strap. I've related my embarrassing tumble down a set of rodeo bleachers one evening...the gun stayed in its place (quality holster), however, my ego was slightly damaged.

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    A good, quality open-top holster used for concealment should work just fine.

    When out in the woods, doing a lot of moving while working, ATV'ing, etc. I like the extra retension (read: peace of mind) of a thumb break......but any other time, an open holster is the way to go.

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    i carry with a retention band. it has its pluses and minuses. it works for me because i am always dropping and loosing stuff. I never have to worry about it falling out, etc. A retention does slow the draw a bit however.
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    When i carried as an LE off duty i considered some type retention device ( back then this was pretty much a thumbsnap for a concealable holster ) a necessity . It was necessary because I both was mandated to carry by policy , and obligated to take action in the small towns i policed in . Nowadays i look at retention a bit differently . Now if a holster will retain the pistol while i do a backwards summerset( somersault or whatever you call it that kids do ) it is fine . I am not obligated to get into any scuffle anymore and i wont . Now i dont mind retention , in fact my favorite OWB for a 1911 is an old Bianchi #3000 autodraw which has not one but two retention straps as well as a thro the trigger guard plug , and still manages to be the bar none fastest duty holster i ever used indluding simple thumbreaks .
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    Holster . . .

    I might suggest you look at the Blackhawk Serpa holster. It is quick and secure. It uses a locking device that when actuated with the trigger finger of the gun hand will immediately release the gun for a smooth and raid draw. If the situation changes to a non-lethal encounter, you can quickly re-holster and secure your firearm.

    Blackhawk Serpa Holster:

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    The Serpa's are pretty bulky depending on your build. I suggest looking at the Bianchi Carry Loc . It is by far the best OWB holster I have found in 12 years of CCing. The retention release is placed in such a way you naturally hit it when drawing the weapon. The last thing I wanted was something to slow my draw and this doesn't at all. I can't say the same for a strap!! The retention device has many pluses and I haven't found any negatives. I have tried a lot of OWB holsters in 12+ years and the Carry Loc is by far the best.

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    LEOs normally carry retention holsters on duty, and since they are used to that method, it is best to carry all the time.
    But I do not think a CCW needs it. My holsters are tight enough so that even an altercation would not dislodge them. I had a friend give me a leather holster with a thumb break. When I carry it I always forget to use the thumb break and fumble with it.
    An LEO wears his gun unconcealed, and must protect from snatching. I don't have that problem, and also don't get into altercations. If I did I would have to call "time" and take a squirt of nitro.

    My view is that it is not necessary, and may be a liability, but if one wants to use it do so all the time so that the draw will be natural with it.


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    Welcome aboard Chumbucket.

    For an IWB holster I don't see any need for a thumb break, heck, I don't even see a need for it on an OWB holster unless you open carry.
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    With a Kydex tupe holster like my crossbreed I can actually heat the holster around the trigger guard to press it in a little more fore a more secure hold or out for less retention ,I have it adjusted where there is a little resistance when I try to draw the weapon but it comes out fast and it will not fall out even if I could do a headstand,
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    For most of carry purposes, no retention straps or devices are necessary. Only one person I know who needed one is for riding their motorcycle. Bad idea to have your gun bounce past you on the highway at 60MPH.

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    I like open top holsters, but prefer a retention holster while canoeing for obvious reasons.
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    Open top...Easy access in times of stress.

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