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This is a discussion on Holster for a small guy within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Wow...allot of good information in these posts. I need to look into a new holster again but hate that you can't try before you buy ...

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Thread: Holster for a small guy

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    Wow...allot of good information in these posts. I need to look into a new holster again but hate that you can't try before you buy on custom holsters.
    I am 5'10" and 160lbs. and have had a rough time finding a comfortable IWB holster as well for my XD 3". I tried a VMII a couple years ago and I was left with a rather nasty bruise along with an angry sciatic(sp?) nerve; I never wore it again. After spending that much on a holster that didn't work for me I stopped looking at the custom units and have yet to find an off the shelf one that works.
    Until I locate a holster that works for me I am stuck with a .38 snubbie in a pocket holster in the summer and the XD in an OWB in the winter. Not exactly my first choice but at least I am armed.

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    Stranger, I too had a VMII for my SA. The comfort level was good but the HBE is MUCH better. If you look at the design of the COM III it does a great job of dispercing the pressure over a greater area and that is what I believe makes it such a comfortable holster. Talk to Eric and see if you can figure out the right set up (cant, position ect.) If after trying it out with a good belt and don't like it you can sell it pretty close to what you paid for it. Good luck!
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    Suggestion; first the Com3 from HBE is outstanding, however, before you get the standard model. look at their web site, go to the com3 page, then go to page "2" of the pictures and you see a version that has a closed barrel; On smaller guys the point of the barrel may poke you. The comfort tab does help but that point where the edge of the tip of the barrel is can poke between your hip bone and the next bump heading south on your leg. It's not the holster but rather the combination of your build, the gun, and the holster. Having a little extra leather ALL the way around the gun can help with that.

    I just bought my COM3 and it took less than three weeks from order to delivery and it's a WONDERFUL holster. I'm 5'7", 160 and find it hard to find holsters to fit me and I agree, it is too bad we can try before we buy but when you finally get one that works, it's GREAT.

    So consider the "version" of the COM3 I pointed out and I'd even recommend you call Eric Larson of HBE and ask for his thoughts.

    Hope you get what really works for you right out of the gate!

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    MTAC....most comfortable rig I ever wore.

    I'm 5'9"-155

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    I am shorter than you and I carry my XD.45 in one of three K&D Holsters for deep concealment during summer wearing light clothing (T-Shirt and Jeans or shorts) I carry in a Dakota Defender. With a shirt or or jacket for cover I carry in a Maverick Defender adjustable cant holster. For OC or with heavy winter clothing when I have layers on I carry in my Eagle Defender.
    If I had to pick only one holster it would be Dakota Defender as it is the best concealing holster. The Maverick is the most comfortable as I can adjust the cant to EXACTLY the perfect position for me and it does conceal well even with a T-shirt just not as well as the Dakota. In fact even though the Eagle Defender is OWB it too will conceal well with a loose T-shirt. All of the K&D Holsters have excellent gun retention characteristics while providing easy draw and reholster. They are all extremely comfortable I often forget I have a gun on at all and do a great job holding your gun snug up against your body for great concealment. Plus the craftsmanship is excellent everything about them is perfect. Kevin at K&D creates true works of functional art in leather. Below is a pic of my K&D family.

    For more pics and my review of these holsters see my K&D Strikes Again thread
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    I always like options... whether it's carry guns, or holsters... I don't think you can settle on just one... K&D makes some very quality holsters, and waiting 14-16 weeks is a long wait... you might want to consider a Don Hume holster from Gunner's Alley... H721OT is a very nice inexpensive OWB holster.

    Personally, I prefer OWB carry, but have recently added a IWB holster.
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