The retention is great. Although it is not molded to the weapon, the holster is designed around the weapon and is a super tight fit. In fact at least 2 times a week we have skin customers call us and tell us the gun will not go in the holster. The skin line has to be broken in just like our wet molded holster lines. Its going to be too tight when you first get it due to our tight design tolerances. As for one handed reholster, the holster will make a self mold into the leather. The design of the skin line will allow you to wedge the gun into the holster one handed, with little effort. What you do is get the front part of the gun in the holster. After thats done just push and its in. Its not going to do it like a wet molded holster, but then again how could it , its not wet molded. Its a super tuff holster for the money ($44.95) and that skin is almost indestructible. Best of all its a stocking item.