Cylinder jams in holster after time

Cylinder jams in holster after time

This is a discussion on Cylinder jams in holster after time within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I recently bought an inexpensive pancake-style holster for my J-frame. I didn't plan to wear it often, so wasn't too worried about durability. Unfortunately, this ...

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Thread: Cylinder jams in holster after time

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    Cylinder jams in holster after time

    I recently bought an inexpensive pancake-style holster for my J-frame. I didn't plan to wear it often, so wasn't too worried about durability. Unfortunately, this holster has a strange (to me, at least) issue. Shortly after holstering, the draw is fine. Several hours later, drawing requires you to twist and wiggle the gun.

    Inside the holster mouth is a spot where the cylinder is scraping the finish off the leather, even though I only wore this for about 4 days, and drew maybe 20 times. It appears that the leather is soft, and after a time it molds itself to the edge of the cylinder, making the draw difficult.

    The shop is being difficult about exchanging it. Only the owner can authorize exchanging holsters. I left it there for him to see, and a week later stopped by to see if he'd made a decision--No, but he would call when he did. It has been another week, no call.

    Is there anything I can do to eliminate this problem other than buying better leather next time?

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    If you want good leather that will satisfy you, and work well then buy better leather.

    I would much rather use kydex than cheap leather.

    I have concluded that if I want satisfaction using a leather holster it is best to get a custom holster from one of the top makers. Yes, it takes months or even a couple of years in the case of Del Fatti, but when you get it you will be pleased as long as you have the gun.

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    It may be cheap leather but give it some break in time and if you can occassionally work it in and out til it forms to your gun also I'm no leather god but could a silicone spray help keep it from sticking
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    Resin, a sealer, wax, or even some types of varnish might be a solution.

    It might take some work, but if the owner is not going to do right by you, it can't hurt.

    I was going to suggest moistening it, but that will shrink the leather, but since you said it fits fine to begin with, stiffening or hardening the leather seems to be the best bet.

    There are lots of varnishes and such that seal out moisture that would also prevent the leather from molding too closely to your gun.

    I assume you have already tried wrapping the revolver in 2-3 layers of wax paper and leaving it over night, and then drawing it(with the paper) several(or hundreds) of times?
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    Ok instead of suggesting you buy a " better " holster ill make another suggestion . Ask the wife ( or if your single go to the store for ) for a ziplock bag large enough to zip your pistol in . Once you have same place the pistol ( in the bag ) fully into the holster and leave it alone for a day ( 24 hrs ) . If that does not work well take a spray bottle and spritz the inside of the holster to damp and do it again . Leather is funny , and the fact that you cannot get " good " ( you can read that as repeatable ) leather has let to all sorts of tricks as well as the high cost of custom holsters today if you think of them as high . None the less wetting leather will allow it to expand , as it drys it will contract . You dont want to soak the leather , just spritz it enough that the unfinished side is damp , it will expand , and then re dry to the mold you provide with your pistol . the bag both gives you a bit of room for a draw , and keeps the " wet " off your gun .
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    I would agree with RR here, "good" leather is expensive, I would try his suggestions. What have you got to loose except an addition to the "holster drawer"
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