Looper gun belts????

Looper gun belts????

This is a discussion on Looper gun belts???? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Does anyone know about Looper leather company? I can't get hold of them. I ordered two kydex reinforced belts from "looperlawenforcement.com" several months ago. I ...

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Thread: Looper gun belts????

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    Looper gun belts????

    Does anyone know about Looper leather company?

    I can't get hold of them.

    I ordered two kydex reinforced belts from "looperlawenforcement.com" several months ago. I have not heard from them.

    My VISA doesn't seemed to be charged for them. But I want to make sure that they are not coming in the future before I give up on them and order from someone else.

    I've since read that they are not returning calls and that perhaps they are belly up.

    Anyone know anything that can help me?

    I'm thinking about ordering two belts from Aker online. But, again, I'd hate to have Looper finally send the belts and charge me when I no longer need them.


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    I ordered two belts about 5 weeks ago and was told they'd ship out in two weeks. I've called once a week after the initial two and have gotten a hold of someone each time and when I ask about the status of my order I'm asked what I ordered and say "Belts" and they say, oh, ok...yeah, those'll ship this week. They never care about my name, when I ordered, whatever. It's always...yeah, they'll ship this week. I don't think my card has been charged but I'll need to look into that a bit better tomorrow. I heard such good things about Looper Leather but after this, they'll never get another order from me again whether the belts are amazing or not.
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    I've had a lot of experience with them and unfortunately, this is their normal way of doing business. They are always behind in shipping and often misplace individual orders. They're honest and nice to talk to, but you have to stay on top of them. They have given me some free belts for screwing up various orders, which was nice, but I'm not going to order any more.

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    I have 5 belts from them (one was an accident...they told me to keep it)...friendly...I like the belts. The first two took 4 weeks, the second two only took 2 weeks...then I got a fifth, their mistake. I called to inquire as there was no charge on my card...they apologized and said to keep it.

    I like their belts. Would I order again? Yes!

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    Yeah i believe that if you call them and order the product you get it much quicker. When i tell them i ordered it online to call and check the status they were like sorry we cannot track that only the phone orders. I was like what??? well anyways It had been 4 weeks and i was going to call and cancel my order, but it showed up that same day to my house. It has now been 2 months since i ordered it and they still have not charged my credit card. I called them asking about it and they said it must have slipped through there billing system as they bill you the day they send it out. So they took my name and number and said they would bill be the next day. It has been 2 month and nothing... I am an honest person and i gave them a call to even remind them the charge never came through. I am not going to call and remind them a 3rd time.

    The point of this is to show how unorganized their online part is. A guy named Bart takes care of that part, and he doesn't seem to do a great job of it. Their belt are great though.


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    I too have three FREE belts from Looper. This has to be one of the most unorganized companies I have ever seen and I am sorry I first recommended them on this forum. A buddy and I ordered a couple belts from them, they sent us both the wrong belt. I emailed over and over again and numerous calls, I kept track of who I talked to dates times etc. I finally sent a certified letter telling them they had 7 days to correct my order or I would reverse charges on my CC. I was shocked to get a call from the owner himself. He explained how he took over the company from his father who ran the company into the ground. He made a excellent product, just a bad businessman. He ened up sending me two Free belts and extra buckles and promissed me that this is not the normal for them. Turns out it is. To bad because their belts are excellent, especially their Kydex series.
    If you really need to get in touch with them send them a certified letter, worked for me.

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    I have 3 belts from Looper. Each order I've placed was on my doorstep within a few days. Sorry to hear about other folks bad experience.

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    I placed an order online for a brown belt after reading stories of people getting their orders in a matter of a week or two. About two weeks after I placed the order, I called to check the status of it. I was told it would probably ship the following week. Another three weeks later, I got a box from them for a black belt ... but at least it was the right size!

    Personally, I should have just used my patience and ordered a beltman belt since it was more a matter of time than money. The belt I got was OK, I guess. I wear it daily but only for a grand total of about 4 hours, and it already had scuffs and signs of wear on the edges and belt keeper.

    In the end, I won't recommend them to any of my friends.

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