Hey guys, Andrews Custom Leather lines some of their holsters in suede. I have one of their Hybrid models for my 5" 1911 and it comes fully lined with suede. I asked Mr. Andrews when I was buying it about the acid bit. He agreed it was a problem if you stored the weapon in the holster (something I would never do) but said it wouldn't cause a problem for regular carry. I don't carry that 1911 on a regular basis so it's not a problem. I can certainly see how the suede would pick up some oil and dirt, however, after it's been used for a while, the suede seems to get as hard and smooth as any other holster I have. It's hard to imagine that the amount of oil and pariticles we're talking about are really going to have a signficant impact on gun finish. I have one revolver I've carried alot in a quality holster that is smooth on the inside and it's the most worn finish of all that I carry. I believe it's just the nature of the older blueing versus some of the newer coatings and finishes.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out that some good custom holster users do use suede and feel the case against suede is somewhat exagerated. Of course, that's not my opinion and I'm not qualified to say. From everything I've read here and elsewhere I'd probably avoid it in the future too.

Have a good day!