Grandfather oak kydex pocket holster?

Grandfather oak kydex pocket holster?

This is a discussion on Grandfather oak kydex pocket holster? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Anyone here have one of these for a snub nose revolver,or any other gun? If so how do you like it? Would you say kydex ...

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Thread: Grandfather oak kydex pocket holster?

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    Grandfather oak kydex pocket holster?

    Anyone here have one of these for a snub nose revolver,or any other gun? If so how do you like it? Would you say kydex is a good material for a pocket holster? Do you think it has any advantages dis advantages over a leather pocket holster? I have an andrews leather pocket holster and love it,but I'm always looking to try new stuff.

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    I have one of the Grandfather Oak pocket rigs for my Keltec. It works fine but I have found very few holsters that are better than the inexpensive Desantis Nemesis. I also have a FIST kydex pocket holster which is very slick with the thumb push off but once again, I usually go with the Desantis.

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    I also have one of the GO pocket holsters for my PM9. I like the fact that is slimmer than my Nemesis and curved to fit the thigh better. Having said that, I often switch between my three pocket holsters (including a UM's) depending upon the pants I'm wearing. For example, the GO one doesn't work for the back pocket as well as the other two (I prefer the UM one there). For my large pocket cargo shorts (with deep pockets), I prefer the Nemesis. For dress slacks, the GO isn't as bulky.

    So, there is a reason for that drawer full of holsters!

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    I have a GO pocket holster for my PF-9. I like it a lot better than the DeSantis I was using previously - primarily because it stays put in the pocket when I draw the weapon. The DeSantis was prone to come out on the draw, often turning the pocket inside out in the process. The GO has always stayed put. I have only used it with right side, front pocket carry. It does a good job of concealing any printing from the pistol.


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    The leather / kydex thing will always be subjective and will boil down to personal preferences. FWIW kydex will do more to keep weather and sweat off of your pocket gun, and will reholster easier. kydex will also tend to be thinner. Leather is beautiful and has a softer feel.

    Above, GrandFather Oak.

    Above, BearClaw Holsters.

    Above, from Stellar Rigs.

    There are probably a lot more kydex pocket holsters out there ...

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    Why I like my Grandfather Oak Pocket Companion for my P-3AT with ArmaLaser.

    1] Very Light
    2] Very Thin
    3] Does Not Absorb Sweat
    4] Stays In Place In Pocket
    5] Gun Snaps In Very Positively, yet ...
    6] Draws Easily, and ...
    7] Holster Stays In Pocket During Draw
    8] Will Probably Never Wear Out
    9] Not Expensive
    10] Needs No Maintenance

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    My wife carries her Taurus M605 in a Grandfather Oak pocket holster and loves it.

    I use a FIST kydex pocket holster for my Kahr P9 and prefer it to hers because of the "thumb pushoff" feature. I tried the DeSantis Nemesis and absolutely hated it.
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    Have (had??) a Grandfather Oak in Kydex for my P3AT, but the pocket retaining protrusion (seen above, behind and above the slide) broke off. It was a bit sharp after that, so I stopped using it (may have disposed of it, not sure). It was very inexpensive (around $20).

    I also have a DeSantis Nemesis (seemed a bit fat for such a small pistol) and have since gone to my most used for the P3AT, a Milt Sparks pocket holster (yep, I waited 5 months and spent around $65 for a holster for a $225 pistol!). Quality leather is always a good thing, this unit is no exception!
    Regards, T Bone.

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    I had/have a GO for my Kel-Tec P-32. I really liked the thinness of the holster and I carried it everyday in my pocket.
    After expoxing the kydex back together twice I gave up on it. It would probably be fine for general carry or office work but crawling under the truck to change oil or whatever I usually do proved too rough for the holster to hold up to.

    I now carry the P-32 in a Nemisis and also carry a 442 in a Mika. No problems with either so far.

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