test-drive a carry option?

Test-drive a carry option?

This is a discussion on Test-drive a carry option? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; This may seem a little silly to all of the knowledgeable and experienced CCW folks on the forum, but I'm still a novice at this; ...

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Thread: test-drive a carry option?

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    test-drive a carry option?

    This may seem a little silly to all of the knowledgeable and experienced CCW folks on the forum, but I'm still a novice at this; however I'm very interested in learning as much as I can and am totally open to suggestions. I'm presently taking classes and practicing on a firing range to decide on a CCW, and I'm not sure yet what pistol I will buy, but I was thinking it might be worthwhile to try out wearing a holster with one of those dummy pistols (training handguns I think they call them - they look like various makes of real pistols; not sure if they are made of plastic or rubber) to help me determine what might work for me.

    Since I've never carried a firearm before and am not familiar with all that you have to think about when you wear a holster and have a firearm in it, I wanted to see what might or might not work for me. For instance - what would it feel like having to drive while wearing a holster & pistol at various locations? Would I prefer something in the front or cross-draw? What would best conceal a firearm for someone tall and slim like me who mostly tucks in a shirt? Maybe I would at least address some of my questions before I invest in a pistol & holster that may save some regrets later on.

    Has anyone else tried this? I am planning to attend a gun show on the 23rd of this month and was wondering if they might have these there. I realize holsters are pretty expensive so I'm not sure if there are inexpensive ones I could use to test with a dummy pistol if I could get one.
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    I personally would not wear a dummy pistol in public. If your concealment is not adequate, it could get you hassled by the cops and under the right (wrong?) circumstances could get you shot.

    Any way, they are not particularly cheap.

    Wait until you get your permit, then go to a range and shoot various pistols; buy the one that you like best, then look for holsters. If you are like the rest of us, you will buy several holsters before you find the best one for you (actually, you will probably need several to go with different styles of dress).
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    Personally I would pick a pistol that you can shoot well and is reasonably sized for CCW. Then get a cheap nylon holster and move it around till you find what works for you. then buy a nice holster for every day carry.
    Blue or red guns are expensive, you can wrap up a lot of money fast buying 3-4 of them.
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    +1 on these. I would suggest getting a reputable CCW gun, and worry about the holsters afterwards.

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    What do you think would fit your physique? Surely you have some guesstimation just from looking at certain pistols, and having something in mind as to the caliber you'd like to employ? The full size, the capacity, the medium size in larger caliber, or the very compact, etc....... You should be able to rule some out, rule some in, and make a semi educated guess at least if you are seriously thinking about carrying and your choice for firearms that you'd be willing and able to carry. Search for the right holster after you've made that decision. Of course it would be nice to trial run every scenario, but in fact that's unrealistic. Start with a basic foundation of what you want and how you want it.

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    Ask around and find a reputable instructor, a good one will be happy to guide through the process and will probably have a few styles of holsters to give you a idea. You can muddle through it but will save time and money with a guide. There's more then just the holster, your ergonomics, body type, how your joints move, lifestyle, muscle and so on. For beginners find your sweet spot for the draw, make a loose fist as if holding a firearm and run around your belt line pulling from your make believe holster, till you find a good spot for your joint configuration and body style. I like appendix carry, right in front of the hip bone. What kind of life style do you live, high risk, low? Deep cover or fast draw or both, IWB is the best but painful the first few days. OWB is faster and more comfortable but prints more. 9mm or 40 or what, wheel gun or auto, how much training/practice will you do. My wife likes 45's, I like 9's, rent some firearms at your range and see what you like. It might change over the years but always retrain if you switch firearms, different controls, pulls, safety procedures and so on. Remember wtshtf your mind will revert to auto pilot and if you didn't reprogram, it might get interesting. Good luck

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