Any suggestions?

Any suggestions?

This is a discussion on Any suggestions? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I will probably end up needing a couple of holsters, mag carriers and a belt now that I can officially cc. I have CZ P-01/06, ...

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Thread: Any suggestions?

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    Any suggestions?

    I will probably end up needing a couple of holsters, mag carriers and a belt now that I can officially cc. I have CZ P-01/06, Glock 19/23 and my SIG P6. Any IWB and OWB suggestions for these? Looking forward to your input.

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    The Dakota Defender from K&D Holsters
    K&D Holsters | Custom Gun Leather and Shooting Accessories

    Or the M-Tac or C-Tac from Comp-Tac Comp-Tac : Products
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    Milt Sparks
    Mitch Rosen
    Matt Del Fatti
    Greg Kramer

    When you order a Holster, order a Belt too as they are designed to work in conjunction with each other.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Barbary View Post
    I will probably end up needing a couple of holsters, mag carriers and a belt now that I can officially cc. I have CZ P-01/06, Glock 19/23 and my SIG P6. Any IWB and OWB suggestions for these? Looking forward to your input.
    There are so many options and holsters that it is hard to know where to start.
    Although I own and use some good IWB holsters I have concluded that OWB suits me better in almost all cases and types of dress. Others have reached the opposite conclusion due to their normal dress.

    Unfortunately the only way to decide is to try both.
    My own favorites are
    IWB - Sparks Executives Companion
    OWB - Brommeland Def-Con, but I think you might have a difficult time getting one, and the outlet price is higher than I would pay considering other top notch holsters.
    OWB, 2nd choice at this time is the Sparks I-BAK.

    The snap and loop holsters are gaining in popularity, and I have one on order from both Sparks and Alessi. The wait is not a problem for me since I already have all I need.

    I find that I wear a kydex paddle as often as not due to the convenience. I mention this as a fine leather holster is going to have a waiting time that you might not want. So you might want to get a good kydex paddle in the meantime.

    I have a lot of holsters that I do not use. I bought them when I had never owned a top notch holster. If I were starting over I would not bother with cheap holsters, although some do pretty well.
    I would get holsters from Sparks, Alessi, or Del Fatti. Brommeland is as good, but other problems cause me to not recommend him at this time.

    The waiting time for Sparks, and Alessi run from 26 - 30+ weeks. Del Fatti is two years.

    Lightening Arms might have some in stock from those three, and the amount of mark-up is very reasonable and worth it to get the holster now.

    I am using belts from RafterS, and am well pleased. I also have some from El Paso Saddlery, but in my view are not in the same class as the RafterS.

    It is always wise to get a rig from the maker of the holster if reasonable.

    I know I have not fully answered all you want to know, but there will be others, and so take it all in.
    You will never be sorry if you get holsters and accessories from the top makers. In the long run it is the less expensive way to go, and their prices are not all that much more than the average maker.


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    All depends on what your preferences are. I've found the MTAC to be a great holster and NO long wait to get one. UBG, Andrews and KD all make fine holsters, but expect to wait. As for a belt, these guys also make great belts,, but I found I'm partial to the Beltman.

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    Three well made and comfortable OWB holsters I use and highly recommend are the Galco Concealable, Mitch Rosen Premier and the Galco Fletch. All of them leather, none real cheap.

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    Give me a PM if you are looking for a good kydex single mag pouch for the Glock. I have a couple singles I got for USPSA matches, but I've since got some dual mag pouches for that. I'd let you have a trial run at one if you'd like. Personally, I use a horsehide single mag holder for my carry.

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    I would normally say get a Crossbreed for IWB. But with that many needed options - you might want to consider the Comp-Tac MTAC - then just purchase the extra shells for it. Might end up being a little more economical.

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    Another vote for K&D, I like the Maverick Defender

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    looking for holster

    the c-tac works pretty good for my g-27.
    but you need to get a few you'll never
    use for your holster drawer. i have
    one and i'm sure alot of other members
    do to. it's just one of those things you need to have.
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    Id look at RickWaltner Holsters, good turn around time, and quality stuff. PM me if you want to see photos.
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    My two favorite holster makers:

    For OWB:

    UBG Holsters (Regulator)

    For IWB:

    Crossbreed Holsters (Supertuck)

    CrossBreed Holsters, Innovative holsters for concealed carry-1911-Glock-HK-Sig-Taurus-Kimber-Springfield-Colt-XD
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    For good quality, fair price, and quick service...see the above Related holsters...find Fist holsters.

    Stay armed...use a good holster...stay safe!
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    I strongly second K&D Holster. They make a truly outstanding holster. Top grade leather excellent design and master craftsmanship. With customer support and service second to none. Here is a pic of mine

    TOP: Eagle Defender, Maverick Defender
    Bottom Dakota Defender for the Bersa, Dakota Defender for the XD.45
    I posted a review of the last holster I got from Kevin at K&D Holsters Strikes Again I have my third order in with them now for a holster for a Stoeger Cougar I do not even own yet
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    Milt Sparks VMII for IWB, and the K&D eagle defender for OWB, it rides high and tight.
    Glock 26 4gen, H&K USPc, S&W 642, Wilson Combat 1911 CQB

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