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Waist Carry "Positions"

This is a discussion on Waist Carry "Positions" within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Marvelous responses, everyone - Thank You! I now get to experiment to find my "sweet spot" (only at home still - CHL "In Process"). I ...

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Thread: Waist Carry "Positions"

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    Marvelous responses, everyone - Thank You! I now get to experiment to find my "sweet spot" (only at home still - CHL "In Process"). I appreciate the positive, informative responses in this forum. Very helpful and professional!

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    Rock & Glock,

    First off , welcome aboard - not only to the forum, but to the world of concealed carry as well.

    When you first begin to carry a firearm, it will feel a bit strange to you. Your decision to work out the details of carry position and holster selection in advance of carrying on the street is a wise one. As many here have already stated, this will require a little bit of experimentation. I would recommend that you try the 4:30 point as the place to start, and move it around a bit from there until you find that "sweet spot".

    Once that location is found, I would also suggest that you decide upon a holster model and get it before carrying on the street. Cops are trained (as are career criminals in prision) to spot someone carrying by looking for the guy who "pats" and "fiddles around" with their firearm. When you first start carrying concealed, most folks feel very conspicious and are "sure" that "everyone" sees that they are armed. The only cure for these two conditions is to wear your holster/firearm until it feels like a natural part of yourself. Once you feel like you are "wearing" your gun, rather than "carrying" it, you'll be all set to take it outside (assuming, of course, that your permit has come thru by then )

    Do not overlook a quality belt - it will serve as the foundation for the holster and permit it to do it's job much more effectively.

    Lastly, GET SOME TRAINING. Whatever the minimum that your state requires is totally inadequate to survive a gunfight with a real bad guy. Unless you have a Spec ops or other combat background, military training is also inadequate. Your role as a civilian carrying in a society that is just waiting for a chance to toss your butt in the slam is much different than that of a soldier. A good tactical trainer will teach you:

    1. Just how crucially important it is to avoid a lethal force conflict, if it is at all humanly possible.

    2. Steps to take in order to be aware of your surroundings and avoid an attack, or be prepared to react quickly and properly to survive one if it does come.

    3. Steps to take IN ADVANCE to stay out of jail. Keep in mind that your worst enemy, after the guy who is (hopefully) laying on the ground will be the investigating officers and the Prosecuting Attorney. You have the right to remain silent - USE IT!!!

    4. How to deal with the media.

    5. Shooting skills beyond what you (probably) think you'll ever need.

    6. Tactics - Cover, concealment, prioritizing of targets, etc.

    I had been a shooter for 20+ years, having fired hundreds of thousands of rounds (conservative estimate, btw.) when I set foot into my first real training course. Twenty minutes later, I realized that I had been totally clueless and would almost certainly have died in a defensive situation.
    Take a class from a good trainer (not the local gunshop commando) and it will be among the single best investments in yourself and your family that you'll ever make.

    In closing, let me invite you to call my shop 423.733.1779 anytime that you have a question. Helping newbies get started is part of what I do. Good luck!

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    Hi Rock and Glock,

    Welcome to CombatCarry and the world of concealed carry!

    I carry IWB at 4-5 o'clock in a bellyband holster.

    Gary gives some great advice on carrying. In addition, you'll learn to wear proper clothing and move around without "printing" - showing the outline of the gun/holster (see attached picture) through your clothes. Some people wear layers, printed patterns that mask shapes, vests, or longer shirts. Sometimes people end up printing when they bend over. Try bending at the knees and keeping your back straight instead of curling your back. Stand on front of a mirror and see what works and what doesn't.

    There's lots of stuff to learn, and this is a great place to learn it.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Waist Carry "Positions"-printing2.jpg  

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    Carry Positions

    Everyone here is so positive and helpful - that's part of what makes CC such a great forum!

    Our (wife too) training continues once or twice a week - my wife and I have a couple of teachers/trainers/coaches/mentors that have 30-50 year experience. Right now we're working on safety (always), marksmanship, rate of fire, and will probably continue to train and learn for many years. We watched an IDPA training session today at the range - pretty interesting, and looks like fun.

    I've been on the forum both as a visitor and as a new member long enough now to realize that I have only begun a long journey, and that I'll be learning new things from all of you a long time!

    Again, thanks for the help! Please realize that as you pose questions and scenarios that I'll be reading, learning and observing, and will begin responding when I can add to the forum in a constructive and helpful fashion.

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    I do a lecture each week on holsters for several years now and found that for the average person directly behind the outseam of a mans trousers works best, either side. When moving to the female body this changes quite a bit, seems most I have worked with (because of shorter torso and hips hence different offset) that between 4 and say 5 works best along with a proper fitting female holster such as Chris Cunninghams holsters for women. Rather then explaining it here, Chris does a better job.

    Personally I carry IWB both left and right (one at a time) and found that directly behind the outseam works best for me on either side.
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    Stay Safe,

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    Look at my login
    That's a great site. Really explains the mechanics of concealing your carry piece.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rock and Glock
    I've played with 1:00 to 1:30 to 2:00 around the house with a small IWB so far - still getting used to it. I'll start experimenting with 3:00 to 4:30 or so too.

    Welcome Rock and Glock,
    1-2:30 position is fine for constantly standing or walking around, but trying to bend over or sitting down will be a little comfortable!
    I carry @ 3:30 - 5 o'clock for strong side and 8:30 - 7 & 3 o'clock(crossdraw) for weak side!
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    Welcome Rock and Glock I am carrying a full size Beretta 96 in an IWB at my 1-2:30 position and it is quite comfortable for me .merlin45kout

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