How to carry a G27 in the Tropics?

How to carry a G27 in the Tropics?

This is a discussion on How to carry a G27 in the Tropics? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hello guys and gals, Nine months ago I sold my home in Florida and moved with my wife to Central America. I had to sell ...

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Thread: How to carry a G27 in the Tropics?

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    How to carry a G27 in the Tropics?

    Hello guys and gals,

    Nine months ago I sold my home in Florida and moved with my wife to Central America. I had to sell my SIG, because I understood it would be next to impossible to import it. Took me eight months to get a permit, they made me run through hoops (they even took DNA samples) but I was finally authorized to purchase a brand new G27 (.40). I don't care if they call it a baby Glock, it's a nice bit of stuff... What to do with it, between trips to the range? Glove compartment?

    I have been looking at what you are carrying, and apparently waist bands, and under arm slings are subject to ridicule. I am still desperately evaluating all my options... I was thinking ankle holster, but I get the feeling few of you are using them... OWB? I don't want to get me killed. Since it's a really small gun, even with the small magazine extension (otherwise, I could not grab it, plus I get 10 rounds) I suppose I could tuck it inside my pants.

    Leather is a problem in the Tropics, it gets moldy within 24 hours, so maybe something synthetic? With the trigger fully covered, if I decide to carry cocked (but I suppose this would be another thread)... I am looking for the best possible concealment. I don't want anyone at the office (I'm a real estate broker associate) to suspect I'm carrying (a baby!). I DO NOT use shirts or T-shirts outside my pants (dress slacks to jeans). Do I REALLY need to get a special belt? I don't need to draw superfast. I just need to have the gun nearby. I used to own a Browning Hi-Power 9mm and I had carved the inside of a book, that I could carry anywhere if I felt the need to do so. What exactly would be wrong with an ankle holster? Or with a waist band inside my pants? Would that make me a sissy - in your macho eyes? I could live with that, I'm a practical guy. Thank you for your advice!

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    First of all, WELCOME!

    Since leather is ruled out, if you want IWB, I'd recommend the Comp-Tac C-TAC: Comp-Tac : Products

    Or, for wearing any type of clothing, I've carried my Glock 26 regularly in a SmartCarry: Gun holsters concealed by SmartCarry concealed holsters

    Good luck.
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    I have to second the 1st response and pick up something from Comp-tac. I use their Infidel for my Glock 26. Its the same as your 27, just 9mm. I am 6'0" 170lbs. I consider myself fairly thin and I can conceal this gun very well the that holster. I carry it at about the 4 o'clock position behind my right hip. It has adjustable tension. My draw is wicked fast from this holster and yet I have run at nearly a sprint and the gun and holster stayed secure on my hip.

    Not to mention it is pretty toasty here in Texas and the sweat just wips off. It has no effect on the holster. Glocks and kydex make a great combo for carry when you'll be sweaty.
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    from Central Florida!


    Good luck with your move...perhaps ask around where you live. What do others do in your climate?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daptin View Post
    I was thinking ankle holster, but I get the feeling few of you are using them
    Galco makes a very comfortable ankle holster called the Ankle Glove (not to be confused with ankle glove light or COP series as these are crap.) I have an ankle glove for my model 36 revolver and just ordered one for my m&p40c. I love these things and there have been great improvements in comfort from previous years so it's definately a viable option, however the holster portion is molded to the specific leather....not a good option for you.

    Quote Originally Posted by Daptin View Post
    With the trigger fully covered, if I decide to carry cocked (but I suppose this would be another thread)
    What good is that pistol going to do you if it's not ready to rock when the time comes? Keep it condition 1 always if you carry it, since you might need to use it someday.

    As far as the holster question, I agree with the smart carry option for a deep cover solution, and since leather is an issue.
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    G27 in the tropics

    Kind of a tuff situation. Since you don't wear untucked shirts its kind of hard to carry OWB,let alone IWB. Have you thought of the day planners that look and function like a day planner,yet one is able to carry a handgun in them? If you change to OWB carry you might try a mag extention to give you a better grip on the G27's short frame. I carry a G36,but all my mags have the +0 extention. Does not add to the length of the grip but helps one get a good draw. Good luck.

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    Here is a holster that is comfortable, 100% kydex (no rot from mold/mildew) and is a modular platform.

    It can be made into an OWB (outside waistband) holster in either a pancake, paddle or belt slot style, an IWB (inside waistband) holster and even an IWB that is "tuckable" so you can "tuck your shirt" in around it for total concealment! It can also be mounted to tactical type vests, packs or other similar items.

    All the accessories are also 100% synthetic material so there is no leather to rot.

    The Phantom Modular Holster for Glocks can be found here.

    The Modular Accessories to change holster configurations can be found here.

    This might be just the thing for tropical South American climate.

    Tip for kydex holsters: Some people find Kydex causes an increase amount of sweat when wearing an inside waistband type holster. They recommend if you take a piece of "moleskin," cut it to the size of your holster and then glue it onto the back of the holster, it will make it much more comfortable. Especially if you wear it without an undershirt beneath it. When the moleskin gets yucky, you and peel it off and put on a fresh piece. Some moleskin also comes with an adhesive backing so you won't need to glue it onto the holster.

    I will be ordering one myself very soon to try out as well. Mine will be for guns that have a tactical light attached.

    Good luck finding what you need and Welcome To The Forum!
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    Welcome to the forum.

    When you have time, I do have a couple questions.

    Was it real difficult to get your weapons permit?
    Do you feel safe living there?
    What's there healthcare system like?

    As to carrying in tropical heat.

    The Nemesis

    I use one of these with my G26 when my shorts have a big enough pocket

    BLACKHAWK ! *Belt Pouch Holster
    and one of these when I'm headed to the beach or out on the boat

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    Welcome to the forum! I would recommend sticking to synthetic materials (kydex, nylon), as you know leather doesn't cut it in the tropics. Its so humid it never has a chance to dry out. You could try the smart carry, it might work for you. Most people don't realize how how hot the tropics are, don't know if I could stand having a smartcarry smothering "the package". It might be a little too hot for comfort, also the sweating may cause moisture problems. I know the smartcarry has a moisture barrier on the back, this may work in moderate climates but when its 100 out and 95-100% humidity I don't know how effective it will be. I think I would look at pocket carry. The Desantis Nemesis might work pretty good in this situation. Its made from nylon and might be cooler to carry.

    Beyond the holster I would make a few suggestions on the care of your gun and holster.

    - Always remove your gun from its holster at night to allow both to dry

    - Once (maybe even twice) a week completely break your gun down and clean and oil it, even if you don't fire it. Just wiping down the outside with a oil/silicone rag won't cut it. The humidity and moisture from sweat will soak your gun inside and out. The salt from your sweat will quickly rust the internals of your gun.

    - Change your carry ammo in the gun often. Moisture + gun powder = trouble.

    Good luck, and stay cool and dry.

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    Try blade-tech, or even one of retsupt9's favorite companies...FIST holsters. i hear their Kydex is great. probably make a tuckable option
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    This may be worth a look:

    Side Armor

    They have a shirt tucker option available too.
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    MTAC or Smartcarry

    Have a nice sunny day!

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    Tropical thanks

    Thank you, all of you, for making a newbie feel welcome in your forum. And thank you also for the variety of suggestions. I will start exploring them. To address tns0038's questions, I will share with you that the country in question is the Republic of Panama. Was it difficult to get a permit? Not so much... you have to go through all the mindnumbing steps, but the armory that sells you the (pretty expensive) gun is ready to help. The inconvenience is that it took eight long months... Do I feel safe in Panama? Absolutely... Just as safe as I felt in Miami (here and there, you don't want to go to certain neighborhoods at night). Compared to Miami, more of my friends here carry a gun. They simply conceal it in their briefcase. I haven't had the opportunity to check out the health system but I hear it is very good, especially in the capital. There is a John Hopkins hospital nearby, for example. Take care, Chris

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    G27 is a big large and heavy for ankle, at least for me, plus it a rather slow way to get to your gun. With a tucked shirt, your options are limited, as IWB ir OWB won't be concealed at all. You can try a tuckable holster, but I've not had much luck with that form of carry, it always looks very bulky on me. Others routinely carry this way with no problems. Smart Carry may be a good option for you.

    G27 is a great gun. I can mine ina MTAC here in FL, but a cover garment of some sort is needed, untucked shirt etc. Good luck in your search for the right holster for you.

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    Great to have you posting. There are some good suggestions posted.

    One thing that you can never say "I don't need to draw superfast" because you may just have to.

    You just never know. If you can only get to it one second after you really need it then it's exactly the same as if you left it at home.

    So...ideally you should look for a holster that conceals your firearm well enough but, NOT deeper and more inaccessible than absolutely necessary to keep it out of the public eye.
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