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I laundered two holsters!!!

This is a discussion on I laundered two holsters!!! within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; you must put them back in the water immediately! Mr. Burl had excellent advice. Wrap the gun in saran wrap, stick it in the wet ...

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Thread: I laundered two holsters!!!

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    you must put them back in the water immediately!

    Mr. Burl had excellent advice. Wrap the gun in saran wrap, stick it in the wet holster, and take a small spoon (or other "tool") and bone the holster to shape.

    Seriously, if you have any "fit" issues, since it's already dry, you may consider re-shaping it, then ask Mr. Burl for hints on proper treatment of the leather.

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    "Honey, I mean, It was an accident, but now I do NEED a new holster...."

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    NO WAY would I stick my prized pistols, wrapped in plastic or not, into a rust causing wet sack of leather. Write the error off as a loss and buy new holsters.
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    Over the years I have made several holsters for myself and others.

    To form fit a gun to a holster, dampen the holster, hand mold the holster to the gun and let it air dry.

    If you can find a "blue" training gun to match you gun then use it as a mold. If not, remove the grips, oil the gun. wrap it with cling wrap like Saran wrap which will keep the mositure off the gun.

    It does not take a "thick" wrapping of the gun. the more material you use the looser the gun will be in the holster as the material creates space. One of the biggest mistakes made with form fitting a holster is wrapping the handgun using too much wrapping material, which causes the holster to be too big/loose for the gun

    Just make sure that the covering material on the gun covers it completely

    Depending on where you live you can usually remove the gun the next morning and leave the holster alone for the next couple of days until it completely drys.

    The use of oils on the holster will cause the leather to soften, and leave oil stains on your clothing. A leather conditioner is what is need.

    If yo need to redye the holster Tandy sell a sealer ( gloss or matt finish) that is used to seal the dye so it does not rub off on clothing.

    A freshly dye black holster will transfer the black dye to almost anything it touches

    You can buy the conditioner at any Tandy, or other leather store and some shoe stores.

    Do not put it near any heat and do not force it dry by use a fan.

    Or you can just toss it away and buy a new one, after all it is only money and you will get more next payday

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