M-Tac ... First impressions

M-Tac ... First impressions

This is a discussion on M-Tac ... First impressions within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; A while ago, I asked for advice on this board on a "tuckable" holster. Following the feedback I got, I ordered a M-Tac for my ...

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Thread: M-Tac ... First impressions

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    M-Tac ... First impressions

    A while ago, I asked for advice on this board on a "tuckable" holster.
    Following the feedback I got, I ordered a M-Tac for my Glock 26.
    My gun has an extended barrel externally ported ... I know, I know, but don't laugh too hard, arthritis is no fun; so I called Comp-Tac and the gentleman was very helpful, understood my question right away and told me what I should get. That was on a Friday PM.
    I was surprised and happy to receive it the following Friday (regular shipping).
    In the mean time I had received several e-mails to inform me of the progress off my order.
    Very professional people !!!

    It is well made , adjustable in cant an height, the tension is easily adjustable.
    I have worn it only twice, I like it; I still need to find how to put my jeans on, tuck the shirt in while holding the rig, but that will come

    My only negative, at this point, is that I am used to a 2 to 3 o'clock position and for me this holster has to be at 4 o'clock or more to be comfortable. I cannot reach it with my weak hand.
    I might try a cross-draw position...

    Bottom line: if I had to do it again, I would certainly get the M-Tac.
    I know that there is a learning process, but isn't it true with many things.

    Thanks to all the members who helped me in this choice !!!
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    Yes, the Mtac is a great holster. I bought one when they first came out. I don't think cross draw is going to be possible, with the cant on it. The more you wear it, the better it molds itself to you and gets even more comfy. I wear mine about 4 o'clock, the top of the slide sits just about at the side leg seam of my jeans. You can play around with it, until you find the best spot for you. Good luck and enjoy your M tac.

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    Nice review

    My choice is with the MTAC or a Supertuck... the option to purchase different kydex sleeves to use with different handguns for $35, I'm leaning towards an MTAC, even though it costs a little more $$$

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    I have one for my CBOB and I love it. I ALMOST forget that I am wearing it. One thing that I have noticed is that a good belt is a must! the holster will not hold the gun in on it's own. I have the screws as tight as they will get, the little rubber donuts are damn-near flattened out

    What I mean is that with the holster in my hand the gun slips out with out any noticable hesitation. with the holster on my hip I can do cartwheels with out the gun moving at all.


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    It is an extremely thin holster...matches up with the G26 perfectly.

    For me...all holsters work better at 4 - 5 O'clock as it does not ride on the hip bone and fits/conceals into the back's natural hollow.

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    Glad you received your MTAC and glad you like it. They are a nice holster. I wear mine at 3:30-4:00. It will mold to you more the more you wear it.

    Enjoy and be safe.

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