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This is a discussion on IWB or OWB? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I find with a decent holster IWB works great as it is more concealable with more clothing. I do not find it uncomfortable....

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Thread: IWB or OWB?

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    I find with a decent holster IWB works great as it is more concealable with more clothing. I do not find it uncomfortable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KenInColo View Post

    Get the P2000. Mine disappears in my IWB from TT GunLeather High Quality Leather Gun Holsters and it's very comfortable worn at 3:30-4:00, even the car.

    As far as the P2K, it is very accurate and more importantly, very reliable. I have nearly 2,000 rounds through it and zero malfunctions.
    Checked out his website and his products do look first rate. Yep, the P2000 is what I am shooting my sights for. Do plan on going to a couple shops here in the area within the next couple of weeks. Am interested in the V2 with the LEM Trigger.

    Do you folks buy a pair of pants that are a size or two larger? If you do, wouldn't it give you a sloppy appearance?

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    I have been carrying concealed for more than 30 years and have found some methods/modes of carry that, for me, are quite comfortable. One I will share with you is a Ruger SP-101 in a Comp-tac 2 O'clock Carry. Other wide called "appendix carry" I have found this to be quite comfortable, concealable, and easily accessible.

    Of course, I have an excellent gun belt and that helps a great deal. FWIW!
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    I carry a Sig Sauer P-226 in a Smart Carry holster. It's in the waistband, below the waist line, I can draw and acquire a target very quickly with it. It is definitely the most concealable holster on the market today. I work in a job where I would prefer a great deal not to be detected as CCing. Go to Gun holsters concealed by SmartCarry concealed holsters
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    I would suggest you get one of the FIST or DM Bullard IWB/OWB Convertibles for your new CC.

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    I have multi-dozens (more than I ever thought I'd own) holsters...those are the ones I use...the 'box' is another thread.

    I have tried OWB's and there are a few I can work with, but I am so used to IWB's that I have trouble with the OWB's now.

    I find my (mostly) Fist IWB holsters very comfortable, providing superb concealment, and very secure (even if you fall down the bleachers at a rodeo...another story...).

    I hardly know my Kimber or Glock is with me

    Stay armed...go IWB...stay safe!
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    For a heavy gun I prefer IWB. It really helps to have a t-shirt or undershirt between you and the gun. I get more support with IWB and I dont have to worry as much about lifting my arms above my head and have my holster show.
    As others have said, get a good quality IWB holster. I have a K&D Defender for my XD which is wide so it gives good support over a larger area. I use Fist #14 for my Ruger GP100 4 inch bbl. Its a heavy gun and I have no problem carrying it comfortably IWB.
    Also I feel it is more secure and less likely to be jolted loose in a confrontation.

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    My personal opinion is OWB as a first choice if your personal mode of dress will allow it.
    IWB if not.
    There are some fantastic IWB rigs being made...so get a good one if you decide to carry IWB.
    A good holster makes all the difference in IWB being tolerable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cody View Post
    This has probably been hashed out before? I do have a OWB for my SP101 from K&D Holster, it is a Eagle Defender. The Eagle Defender has worked out great! It sits high and tight a long my waist and the comfort level is out of this world. Am looking for another CC and have been focusing my sights on a P2000. Also been thinking about a IWB but not absolutely sold on this method of carry. I would think it would be gawd awful in the comfort level and what about sitting down in your car or anywhere for that matter. Does it not dig into your hip or thigh? Also, when sitting down what about accessability?

    IMO, IWB is good anytime, anywhere, any season. With the right equipment and mindset, IWB is the best method for CC. Ever walked into a restaurant when the temp outside was 30°, and when you got to your table you realize the 85° inside temperature and had to shed that jacket? Comfort? Do you really want to be with your life saver.....or would you rather leave it in the car? If there's a will, there's a way. Learning to live with a little bit of discomfort will likely prepare you for tomorrow......or being a hostage in a bank heist.

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    Off-duty I carry IWB mostly. Sometimes I go OWB in the cooler months. Most of my pants are 1 inch big in the waist to allow for the firearm. I carry my G27 most of the time in a Milt Sparks Versa Max II as of lately. I also carry the G27, G23 or G19 in an MTAC sometimes.

    They are both very comfortable. I prefer the VMII because the leather straps keep it from sliding on my belt.

    Give it a good try. It may take some getting used to, but it becomes very comfy with the right set up. A good belt is important as well.

    Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cody View Post
    Checked out his website and his products do look first rate. Yep, the P2000 is what I am shooting my sights for. Do plan on going to a couple shops here in the area within the next couple of weeks. Am interested in the V2 with the LEM Trigger.

    Do you folks buy a pair of pants that are a size or two larger? If you do, wouldn't it give you a sloppy appearance?
    My P2K is a v3 (DA/SA) 9mm and I love it. It took me less than 50 rounds to be able to draw & get that first DA shot exactly where I wanted it. I would however, like to try a LEM.

    On the Handgun Talk section of HKPRO Forums - Powered by vBulletin everyone just raves about the LEM trigger.

    I bought mine at Sportsman's Warehouse last may for $739.00. I think that CDNN CDNN Sports, Inc. - Hand Guns has them for much less though. You have to call for prices. CDNN has the best selection of H&K stuff (mags. lights) on the internet & their prices can't be beat.

    I'm 5'10" & 175#. My waist is 34". I have several pair of 36" 'Docker' type pants from when I weighed > 180#, that I wear when I carry IWB; they don't look too baggy but 38" would. Don't get the IWB mag pouch though. An IWB holster & IWB mag pouch would definately require pants 2 sizes larger or more. The mag pouch I use is a Blackhawk OWB CQC for double-stack mags. BLACKHAWK ! BlackHawk CQC Double Row Mag Pouch

    I also have a BlackHawk SERPA holster for when I want to carry OWB. Blackhawk makes great products too.

    TT Gunleather's IWBs are sorta like copies of Milt Sparks but at 25% le$$. You cannot find Milt Sparks products for less common guns (like the P2K) in gun shops; they have to be ordered from the company and that takes 6+ months. My TTGunleather took 5 & 1/2 weeks.

    Hope this helped.
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    I carry in Crossbreed IWB Super Tucks 14-18 hours a day...very comfortable AND comforting.

    "If" I can wear a long Hawaiian shirt untucked, I strap on my IWB in BETWEEN the belt and OUTSIDE pants. Even more comfortable, yet allows belt to snug in my XD tight to my somewhat overweight frame.
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    I am a med-big guy (6'1", 205) with a 36" waist, pretty average. I comfortably carry my ultra sized (3" barrel) Kimber 1911s appendix style in a GALCO Ultimate Second Amendment Tuckable Holster. It conceals well under any normal sized T Shirt, polo or "camp style" shirt. I have also carried these guns deep cover style with Smartwear/Thunderwear style holsters. I carry anything larger OWB.

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