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Thread: IWB or OWB?

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    IWB or OWB?

    This has probably been hashed out before? I do have a OWB for my SP101 from K&D Holster, it is a Eagle Defender. The Eagle Defender has worked out great! It sits high and tight a long my waist and the comfort level is out of this world. Am looking for another CC and have been focusing my sights on a P2000. Also been thinking about a IWB but not absolutely sold on this method of carry. I would think it would be gawd awful in the comfort level and what about sitting down in your car or anywhere for that matter. Does it not dig into your hip or thigh? Also, when sitting down what about accessability?


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    Carrying a gun is not the most comfortable thing in the world to do. But if you want to carry IWB than you must get a good quality holster. this is going to detirmin how well the gun feels for you. I personaly use a Galco Sky-ops. I find this holster to be very comfortable. even wheni am sitting down I somtimes forget that I have a G27 on my hip.

    Although when sitting it can sometimes take just a little longer to get to your gun. If you practice you can be very quick at it.

    Overall just get a good holster and you will find that IWB is not as bad as you think.
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    I feel comfy with my gun inside my waiste band because:

    1. No one can grab it
    2. It won't make people "Jittery"
    3. It won't easily fall out in a tussel that doesn't require the use of it
    4. I like having my own little secret, "big stick" that allows me to speak softly
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    bshoe is right. carrying is not the most comfortable thing, esp. IWB. i carry both ways, depending what i am wearing and doing. my OWB holster is a blackhawk quick detach so i can put it on/take off as needed. I use this to OC also.

    when i carry IWB, i use either a bellyband or my crossbreed supertuck. the bellyband i feel is the most comfortable, but it does get the gun sweaty and my draw is slower. My supertuck is not as comfortable, but the draw is a bit faster.
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    I think it was Clint Smith who said, "Carrying a gun is supposed to be comforting, not comfortable."

    You can carry IWB comfortably; it just takes some adjustment to find the sweet spot.

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    I have legally carried a gun for the past 20+ years.

    My favorite method of carry is IWB. The "trick" is using a good quality Holster and Belt along with pants that are sized to accomodate the Gat in your pants.

    All my suits are cut for IWB Carry and I don't even own any pants that aren't sized to fit the Gat in my pants. I find IWB as comfortable as OWB, but I've been doing it for so long that I really don't know any other way.


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    I like having both IWB and OWB for each of my guns. It just depends on the situation on which one I use. They are both very comfortable and believe it or not the IWB is more comfortable to me when driving. I use K&D eagle defenders as well for OWB and Milt Sparks VMII for IWB. Make sure you use a good belt too and start collecting leather. It is addicting!
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    I run both. The choice is based on dress for the day. The IWB is a little more "down low" and is at its best in summer clothing. During the heavy clothing season the OWB is the most used. Both are worn in the same place on the belt to keep the training the same. I always wear the mags OWB. This is used with either a G26 or G19.
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    All my pistols are 1911s which carry beautifully inside the waistband. As previously mentioned, a quality belt and holster are paramount. I prefer the Milt Sparks VM-2.
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    I've tried both and prefer the OWB holsters... even though I still have a couple IWB for those times when my OWB holster does not work.
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    I carry my Glocks IWB in an M Tac, it has been the best holster for me. Very comfy, secure, easy to draw and I got in less than 1 week.

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    I would agree that carrying IWB isn't the most comfortable experience in life except that I'm also reminded that it ain't necessarily s'posed to be comfortable.... it's supposed to be COMFORTING. Yeah I would have agreed on all of that until I tried my now standard Super Tuck Deluxe from Crossbreed holsters. (you'll find a link at the top of our home page on the forum) Absolutely the most comfortable and totally concealable IWB holster I've ever worn especially to carry a full size which is to say a SERVICE size handgun like a Sig P226 or an H&K P30. I have fallen asleep in my lazy boy "Dad's" chair while wearing a full sized gun in my Crossbreed. I can't say enough good things about this rig or the company. This super/uber comfy holster goes for about $65 and you can test the rig for 2 weeks and then return it for a full refund. I not only didn't return mine, I bought a second one and will possibly buy yet another. Not only is it comfortable, the draw is almost impossibly fast and smooth, yet while concealed you can bend, twist and sit without revealing the fact that you're carrying a firearm.
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    I've carried my 1911 IWB only a few times. Not real comfortable but manageable. But I do carry my Kahr P9 in an Bianchi #100 IWB just under my right elbow. I don't forget it's there, but it's very comfortable and worn with jeans, the P9 is light enough that even a belt isn't necessary.
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    If you are going to go IWB, like others have said, you need a quality holster. Often times a custom or semi-custom tends to be the most comfortable and will last years if not decades.

    I prefer a leather holster with a sweat guard for IWB. I carry an XD9sc often times 18 + hours straight in a Brommeland Max-Con and it is sooooo comfortable I often can't tell I'm wearing a gun. The Max-Con can be found at Coal Creek Armory linked on front of main page as one of the sponsors.

    Here is my EDC carry equipment.

    If I'm carrying two guns, the other is either a Glock 23 or a Ruger SP-101 but this photo is my single gun carry set-up.

    I did forget to include the two spare magazines in the picture. Sorry, I'm just starting out taking photo's.

    Also I rarely carry a 2 Oz. OC spray. That can is what I carry with the swat team. EDC is a small keychain can of OC spray.
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    Get the P2000. Mine disappears in my IWB from TT GunLeather High Quality Leather Gun Holsters and it's very comfortable worn at 3:30-4:00, even the car.

    As far as the P2K, it is very accurate and more importantly, very reliable. I have nearly 2,000 rounds through it and zero malfunctions.
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