I have a few holtsters that I can use for crossdraw, but am always looking for the next best thing. I have a custom K&D Laredo set for crossdraw that conceals pretty well, but not good enough for summer T-shirt wear; an EPS Double Agent(belt scabbard) - no so good in the crossdraw mode, it rides high but the butt tips out from my body too much, and a Black Hills BHMR tuckable IWB. It conceals great, but it rotates around alot on the belt (cant does not stay put). It has the offset single loop; not enought to hold it steady.

For IWB has anyone tried crossdraw with the K&D Cochise or Dakota Defenders? Is it possible? I see that cant is adjustable due to the clips.

I like the Maverick Defender with the adjustable buckle loop but the fact its a slide on is a big detractor. for IWB I would like to be able to take the whole thing off easily for those victim zones we all love so much.

I've also been looking at paddles. There have been good reviews for the Kramer MSP (I've asked them if they can do x-draw), the FIST #18, and Comptac. Has anyone used the FIST or the Comptac in X-draw? I'm not much of a Kydex fan, but it looks to be a decent design.

Thanks for the input.