At first I wasnt sure about it. I was going back and forth between the Supertuck and a DM Bullard leather. I do like the metal clips and may try some on the ST. The plactic clips rub against the leather tend to be crackily noisy at times....... I even tried it with the shirt tucked in and it worked. Im cc a xd9sc, so the bulge in that area of jeans was fairly noticeable. But, if I had a slimmer gun, it could easily be done. When you tuck your shirt, I noticed the blousing of the shirt actually prints less and hides the grip better than if not tucking, or at least it did for me. For the price and lead time (got it n a week), im very happy with purchase. If they made their kydex interchangable like the comptac half bodies, they would be hard to beat.