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This is a discussion on Vehicle Carry within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Personally, if I'm in and out of the car a lot, I carry two pistols. One in car within easy reach (in the console cup ...

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Thread: Vehicle Carry

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    Personally, if I'm in and out of the car a lot, I carry two pistols. One in car within easy reach (in the console cup holder) the other in my CCW holster. When leaving the car, I lock up the spare in the glove box. I used to just tuck my shirt tail in behind the grip of my CCWeapon, but one time I forgot to pull it out when I got out at the store! Caused quite a disturbance! No one called a LEO, or anything, but I sure learned my leason! >grin<

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thumper View Post
    I really don't like not having my weapon on me because there are just too many was you could end up separated from it. That's just me.
    My practice also. Keep a model 36 in the console as it is easier to get to. If someone rear ends you the one on your hip will stay in place. No telling where the unsecured on will end up at. JMO
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    Quote Originally Posted by OhShoot View Post
    Maybe you're thinking of this DeSantis?
    Kingston Car Seat Holster

    - OS
    I'm thinking of getting a Kingston holster to rig beneath a seat cover that can be lifted above and behind my pistol when I move it there from my carry holster. That way, the strap and holster remain hidden when I'm not in the car.

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    The safepacker holster by the wilderness ,com same co. that makes the instructor belts, plus Dillon presicion catalog sells them, it attaches to the auto safety belt and fast and easy to draw from check it out on the wilderness web site

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAT40 View Post
    I rigged my old Smartcarry holster to strap onto drivers set. Pouch sits in front of seat just above floor between legs. Works on longer trips when I'm IWB carry with easy access.
    sounds like a good idea for long trips in the car. i've had the
    smartcarry for a couple years now and really not to happy
    with it. have'nt wourn it for awhile. this idea might bring new
    life to it. now it just collects dust in the holster drawer.
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    I carry it in the glovebox or if i have it on me then I just leave it on me in the IWB holster.
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