Bersa Thunder 380 Carry

Bersa Thunder 380 Carry

This is a discussion on Bersa Thunder 380 Carry within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So folks, what do you all carry this in these days? IWB or OWB, I am trying to hook my father up with lefty holster ...

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Thread: Bersa Thunder 380 Carry

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    Bersa Thunder 380 Carry

    So folks, what do you all carry this in these days?

    IWB or OWB, I am trying to hook my father up with lefty holster and gave him a new Bersa to use. He have been carrying .22 and .25 for over prob 45 years.

    The old the .22 will bounch around and kill them theory. So I gave him the run down on how he needs to stop the attacker from doing harm as quick as possible.
    Not while the .22 is playing ping pong in there and he is still attacking you.

    Getting him to full time carry is my goal he is retired so that should be cakewalk.

    Once comfy with I will get him a sub or compact 9mm.

    Thanks as always!!

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    My wife carried a Besra 380cc in a Comp-tac. She's tiny and never prints with it on. She also has a Don-Hume clip on, but it's extremely thick, and also a high noon bare asset. The bare asset is excellent, but she prefers the 2 clips and metastability of the comp-tac rather than the one unadjustable clip of the bare asset. I have to admit, I sometimes steal her 380cc and carry it when I need something small. I prefer the high-noon over the comp-tac due to it's easy-on, easy-off one clip.
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    I carry the .380 in just a little old canvas-type IWB clip-on right now (inside is a soft wicking material to keep moisture away). Nice and cheap at the Valley Forge Gun Show last year. Comfortable and non-printing.

    A lot of guys I know swear by Nate's holsters at index
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    I've recommended these two holster makers many times here; they are both great, well made, comfortable holsters, and I know they both make them for the Bersa 380:

    For IWB: Crossbreed Supertuck

    For OWB: UBG Regulator
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    CZ 83 in a FIST #1 holster. Has worked well for me for a number of years now. Of course, a well made gun belt is a must for any sucessful carry. FWIW
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