input requested

input requested

This is a discussion on input requested within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I did a quick forum search but could not seem to narrow down threads to those concerning ankle holsters. I wanted to get some input ...

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Thread: input requested

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    input requested

    I did a quick forum search but could not seem to narrow down threads to those concerning ankle holsters. I wanted to get some input on what members here think of them. I have a 5 round 38 snubbie and just got a used ankle holster (Bianchi). I like the way it fits my ankle, and it seems to not show when I wear jeans. It seems like a good solution for me.


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    You won't see ankle holsters discussed on this forum very much because most here do not think they serve any good purpose. If you need your firearm, you are pretty unlikely to be able to get to it in time, or at least without somebody knowing exactly what you are doing.

    If you were to get mugged and asked for your wallet, you can draw, or grab your wallet whichever you choose. It would be hard to convince a BG that your wallet is in your sock, although I guess it could be.

    They are just so hard to get to in a time of need that just about any other carry method would be preferable.
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    I think ankle carry is a poor choice if other options are avalible.

    It is hard to draw from your ankle, your pistol picks up more crud, and it is hard to darw from your ankle
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    An ankle rig may be fine for a BUG but for a primary carry, not for me anyway. Have you ever tried to run with a gun attached to your ankle? Like others have already metioned, its just not the most efficient way to carry your primary weapon. That snubbie may be better suited for a pocket holster?
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    I frequently carry my bug, a S&W 640 in an ankle holster. The best one made is by Alessi if you can find one or wait while it's made. Next best is the Ankle Glove by Galco.

    If you practice drawing from your ankle holster it can be a very good choice, not the best choice mind you, but a good choice.
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    I have fobus ankle rig for my P32. I don't use it too often, but it works just fine.

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    An ankle rig would be much too slow if you were attacked, IMO.

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    I carry my backup a S&W Model 36 in a Milt Sparks (No longer made) or Alessi Ankle rig. This mode of carry requires extensive training and I would not recommend this mode for day to day carry. On long trips, I prefer it as it is very easy to reach down and grab my gun while seated. Keep in mind also that this mode is also only recommended for lightweight weapons such as "J" frames, small Kahr semis, KelTec's etc.

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    When I carry my .38 I just pocket carry it in a soft holster. Like the others I don't care for the ankle carry.

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    In a earlier post I attended a wedding 2 weeks ago and I knew I was not going to be dancing and sitting around the table so I carry my glock 26 in a Nylon ankle hoster without any problems. Yes at 38 I can still touch my toes. Other people will chime in but ankle is not the greatest but does have it place. My uncle carried with a with full NYC carry permit a .38 for 30 years+ always on his ankle. So him and my aunt take the NYC subway to Dr. office. They get off subway onto platform start heading for the stairs next thing aunt is pushed to floor uncle pushed on top of her. Bg takes razor blade slices uncles' pants leg and cuts his pocket clean out whole thing takes 7-10 seconds. BG up the stairs and gone that fast. Next day Uncle goes down to NYPD to surrend pistol. The one time he needed it the BG was gone before he could reach his ankle.

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    There is just something wrong with where this is ankle holster has the gun pointed

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    I think an ankle holster is fine for a small BUG, but just make sure that both the gun and the holster has a safe history of use being carried that way.
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    Ankle carry is better than no carry. But make sure your gun is light/small & you have a great holster. I have tried them and gave up - very uncomfortable.

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    I carry a BUG or "travel" gun there. By travel, I mean I can reach it while seated/belted in a vehicle much more easily than I can a holstered gun. I've tried several brands through the years, and can say that different brands offered different levels of quality and COMFORT, and that gun type and shoe type (short lace up boot vs. loafer or tennis shoe) affect the comfort.
    I have a DeSantis thumb break type that I use. It is faster to access but harder to conceal than what I consider the easiest for me to conceal, a Renegade or DeSantis Apache. I had an Alessi, but it did not conceal well with my boots...but it was very comfortable. As with any carry, I've think that things like type of clothing/shoes, lifestyle (do you sit in a car a lot?), and gun type all figure into the personal equation. Oh, and I only carry an airweight J-frame, myself. I just cannot abide the weight of a steel gun there, and they WILL shift more in activity. I found my Walther PPK/S at the front outside of my leg a couple of times, at least with the holster I was using at the time. And as everyone said, they are not speed rigs.
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