How do you tuck your paddle holster or carrier

How do you tuck your paddle holster or carrier

This is a discussion on How do you tuck your paddle holster or carrier within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I never thought much about it, when i wore my kydex paddle holster, i tucked the paddle inside of my pants, so when I got ...

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Thread: How do you tuck your paddle holster or carrier

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    How do you tuck your paddle holster or carrier

    I never thought much about it, when i wore my kydex paddle holster, i tucked the paddle inside of my pants, so when I got a mag carrier, the paddle on that went inside my pants also. The last class I went to, I noticed that several people tucked the paddle of their mag carrier inside the belt only, not inside the pants, but not everyone.

    I still wear my mag carrier fully tucked (for lack of a better term) on a daily basis, and the rare occasion I don the paddle holster, it's fully tucked also.

    What do you guys (and gals) who wear something with a paddle do?
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    On the very rare occasion that I would wear a paddle, it goes inside my pants too for the added support/security. The only reason I can think of is those who wear tighty whiteys or "other" types that te paddle would rub their leg raw or they were just being lazy at the class.
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    I noticed that if I am wearing a paddle holster and a paddle mag carrier, (in my case Fobus) it really took up some space in my waistband. I found it was more comfortable to put the mag carrier outside the waistband and just behind the belt. However; I only use them at the range for IDPA type shootin', or to have somethin handy to don should I need it at home. Too hard to conceal for me unless it is winter. I have one of those bodies that makes it hard to conceal anything unless I am wearin' a coat. Ain't necessarily skinny, it just shows on me like I have an arrow pointin' to it.
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    In the pants for the holster. I've never used a paddle mag pouch, so I can't comment.
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    I wear a Kramer Paddle for my P7 PSP. I wear it in my pants; as well as the G&G mag carrier.
    I have seen some do it with the Fobus because of the plastic paddle...
    I haven't had any issues even when I had a Fobus, a BH, Galco, etc.

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    I wear all paddle holsters inside the pants. They are more stable that way. I usually wear a paddle mag carrier inside the pants also, but not always.


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    Same here, I always wear my Safariland 518 inside the pants -- i can't imagine not doing so, as it would move around too much on the belt otherwise. Now for the mag carrier I don't know as I don't own a paddle version, but they're small enough I'd imagine they'd be ok just through the belt.

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    Inside the pants always. stability is paramount.
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    A paddle holster is great with a jacket.Sans jacket you may as well pocket carry.

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    I saw a guy with a Blackhawk Serpa at a USPSA match. He had it under the belt, and when he knelt to get ammo from his bag, the holster and gun popped out and hit the ground. That holster has the most aggressive teeth I've ever seen on a paddle, and I was utterly stunned when this happened.

    He went to the belt attachment after being DQed, but I believe he would have been fine it it had been tucked into his drawers instead of through the belt.

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    I think those that do this outside the pants thing just think that the way its supposed to go. Just dont know any better. I agree I have at least 4 paddle holstersand they all go inside the pants. My first was a Galco CCP, in Havana Brown. Nice setup for what it is.
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