Does anybody actually wear their custom holsters...

Does anybody actually wear their custom holsters...

This is a discussion on Does anybody actually wear their custom holsters... within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; It always strikes me as funny that whenever we have a thread about your favorite holsters, everyone breaks out a handful of these immaculate,highly polished, ...

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Thread: Does anybody actually wear their custom holsters...

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    Does anybody actually wear their custom holsters...

    It always strikes me as funny that whenever we have a thread about your favorite holsters, everyone breaks out a handful of these immaculate,highly polished, glistening holsters.

    It looks as if they just came out of the prized holster display case.

    I guess if you have waited a year for one of those beautiful holsters, it is a little hard to wear it and get it all creased, worn and sweated on, isn't it.

    This is certainly not a flame or anything, just something that caught my attention.

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    My holsters are "custom" in the sense they have the specific combination of optional features I asked for ... no more, no less. Which is not to say they're custom-fitted and curved to me, specifically. In that sense, they're each rack holsters with a few optional features. They don't have frills and aren't polished to an exhibition-grade finish. They're meant to be used, and used 'til they drop, at which point each will be replaced in order to be used. Perhaps that's just me, but I suspect not.

    I can't imagine there are more than a handful of folks who acquire expensive holsters in order to merely house them under glass. That would be like acquiring a fantabulous set of tires for your daily-driven car, only to realize that the car should now be put in a "time bubble" and preserved because of those killer tires. Makes no sense.
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    Most are pics that members took of their shiny new toys when they got them in the mail before they started wearing them. Then again if I had to wait that damn long for a custom holster I might not want to wear it either. I might continue to wear the "temporary" holster that I bought for a fraction of the price of the "custom" holster, was already broken in, and was doing the job quite nicely.
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    I had a friend who is a saddlesmith make me a beautiful hand tooled holster for my sig. I usually wore it everyday. Got lots of compliments on it. It was a pancake holster and he had a place for my shield right infront of the holster itself.
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    My VM2's get worn. But I have 4. One is for a railed gun (my Desert Warrior, that I don't carry much, though it get's #1 night stand duty) and one is for my 3 inch lightweight Micro Compact (also not carried much). The other two, one is cordovan cowhide. Looks a little worn. The last is a horsehide/shark in black. It is the most worn, though it doesn't show it.

    Mostly, my point is, it's sort of like my watch collection. If I wear each in a bit of a rotation, it shows less wear because it is not worn as often. If you've got only one, it's going to wear quicker. Still, wearing it is the only sane option!
    Regards, T Bone.

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    I have a couple of "custom holsters". They are used daily. They don't look as good as they did new, but I don't mind. I bought them to use them.

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    I wear mine every day as that's all I have meaning "custom". Once a week, I wipe them off and they still look like new.

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    No trouble at all in wearing a custom holster. You spend thousands on a fine gun and if you are smart you will find a great holster and belt to carry it. If it wears out, get another one. Just because they look great in the photos doesn't mean that they are not worn.
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    I get expensive, shiny, nice looking stuff to use and withstand abuse better than cheap stuff. I think it adds character to my custom equipment if it has been used on a daily basis.

    It is like using my $300 Chris Reeves Sebenza or my Emerson for work. I have an M-Tac now, but if I can find a holster that will conceal better for my small stature then I would get a nice leather custom.

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    Most of my holsters are Fist holsters...well-made, but not the elephant/eel trimmed stuff, just quality leather with a basic purpose.
    I wear what I buy...some more than others, depending upon the weapon.

    Stay armed...use quality holsters...stay safe!
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    Back home in Louisiana !!!!
    My first real 'custom' holster I got back in August.....a K&D Eagle Defender cut and fitted just a little diffrently fora specific fit. That holster has 'pushed' my Comp-Tac's to the back of my 'drawer'. My M and CTAC's are very important but my new custom is getting used......and it looks it, but many here keep thier custom leather crafted products well taken care of so they may look like they don't get worn. Speaking for myself, I own no "BBQ" or safe queen guns or holsters.

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    Of course! Why else would you buy them?
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    Yes, I wear them, that's why I buy them.Milt Sparks, own five.

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    Custom Rigs

    Yep, I wear my Del Fatti and the rigs from other makers. Not wearing the custom rig would be like owning a sports car and not driving it.
    I don't have the kind of money to collect holsters. If I buy it, it gets used. Same with firearms...


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    Yes I do, I wear several that are made by S.D. Myres of Sweetwater, TX.

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