For the IWB carriers, do you change to OWB for the winter ?

For the IWB carriers, do you change to OWB for the winter ?

This is a discussion on For the IWB carriers, do you change to OWB for the winter ? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I expect I'll swap to OWB every now and then, since the option is readily available with heavier dress. I still prefer IWB for most ...

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Thread: For the IWB carriers, do you change to OWB for the winter ?

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    For the IWB carriers, do you change to OWB for the winter ?

    I expect I'll swap to OWB every now and then, since the option is readily available with heavier dress. I still prefer IWB for most occasions.

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    For me always OWB @3 oclock. Of course I would have to go up a size or two to simply get a HP and hoster in my waistband... I still wear the same size I did way back in highschool... I just can't zip or snap them.
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    Winter? Can you define that term?
    Down here, winter means get out the longer short!

    My holsters are almost always IWB...actually, usually the same holster.

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    Seasonal Holsters

    Now that I am back in the Sunshine State, I dunno.....

    When I was in WA, I wore IWB or Pocket holsters in the "warm" months and in the Winter an OWB 75% of the time.

    Honestly, now, I just wear whatever I want. I wear long button up shirts or the cliche photographers vest, so I can wear either one without issue. Sure, I get looks with the vest but when I am with my kids and pull out tissues or put toys or whatever in the various pockets, people just think I am wearing a giant purse. LOL.

    My normal carry is a 5" Wilson in an IWB from Del Fatti or my shop. I will probably switch that out with my P7 when I get my Thunderbird from Kevin, with K&D. That's a cool rig. I will be nice to have a choice, with one rig, for IWB or OWB.

    If you choose your clothes right, you can pull off almost any rig you want.

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    Yup, since heavier clothing is the norm for MI, I switch to my bigger gun and carry OWB.
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    Planning on OWB for the winter, that is unless I know I"ll be inside a lot where it''s warmer.
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    IWB OWB matters more as my weight changes than the seasons!

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    For the IWB carriers, do you change to OWB for the winter ?
    Yes......I always have in the past, but this year I experimented a lot with my IWB carry, and a lot of ideas from this forum. I've always carried OWB in the colder months/days of the year. This winter, things are going to get changed up a bit because I seem to get caught in places like restaurants and such that are just too warm to keep the jacket or outer conceal garment on for very long. In short, in the past.....I've ended up sweating it out, or getting the window seat with my strong side carry away from view for the typical menu ordering. For the buffet, this method won't work because I make two or three trips to a buffet! So this year, if the main itinerary involves the restaurant or buffet, I'll be doing the exact same thing as 'summer carry'. I'm tired of sweatin' it out!
    I've got to get to work again on making that MTac work for me and my P220! But I've always got the Glock(s).

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    I've been carrying IWB since I got my CCW, but I suppose this winter I'll give OWB a chance.
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    He who changes firearm, holster or carry location without retraining might also need to change underwear if he survives first gunfight

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    Yes, depending on my exact dress. My 1911 Sig GSR doesn't have any IWB options. I have an MTAC for my P229 and I love it. I just can't get an MTAC for my GSR.

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    Yup in the winter I like to change things up.
    Have Fun and Shoot Straight !!

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    I might but see no compelling reason to do so.
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    If you do switch, try to find holsters with similar presentations. I've found Milt Sparks Axiom OWB draws nearly identically to my usual carry Sparks VM2 IWB. Consistency is the key. Muscle memory is everything in a fast draw, and if you have to switch around drastically, your times will suffer.
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