Stainless 1911 get more abuse from kydex or is it myth?

This is a discussion on Stainless 1911 get more abuse from kydex or is it myth? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; For a brushed stainless 1911, does a kydex holster destroy the finish or is it just myth. I am not looking for any leather vs ...

View Poll Results: Does a kydex holster beat up a stainless 1911 more than leather?

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  • Yes, Kydex is harder on the finish

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  • No, this is a myth. Kydex does not beat up a stainless finish.

    2 11.11%
  • No, Leather is harder on the finish.

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  • Both leather and kydex are the same on a stainless gun.

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Thread: Stainless 1911 get more abuse from kydex or is it myth?

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    Stainless 1911 get more abuse from kydex or is it myth?

    For a brushed stainless 1911, does a kydex holster destroy the finish or is it just myth. I am not looking for any leather vs kydex comfort debates. Simply want the facts. I sort of asked about this in another thread of mine, but felt it warranted it's own to generate more attention and input.

    Again this is simply with regard to whether a kydex holster wears or scratches the finish or if it's myth. Not comfort, preference etc. First hand observations and findings only please.

    Poll included

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    It doesn't "destroy" the finish because there isn't a finish on stainless. There are different methods of surface preparation. But yes, Kydex is much more prone to producing wear marks on any surface than leather. Many shooters are willing to swap that for what they feel is a faster draw. I can match my fastest Kydex speed with a Kramer horsehide in a concealed carry situation. More than likely, the majority just buy them because they're cheaper than quality leather holsters.
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    Leather is smoother on any finish...kydex by its very nature is going to cause more wear. I only use kydex for pocket holsters because the material is ultra thin and helps with pocket bulk.
    The wear on my KelTecs is minimal, but doesn't bother me.

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    All holsters will abrade surfaces of all guns to some degree with probably Hard Chrome being the exception to that rule.
    Electro-less Nickel is also some fairly tough stuff.
    Melonite will show surface wear but, the underlying Melonite treated base metal is still protected from rusting.

    Stainless steel is Stainless all the way through. You can file it, grind it, sand it, sandblast it, and it is still Stainless.
    SO..."holster wear marks" on Stainless steel are cosmetic only. Finishes on Stainless can be easily restored. Matte Stainless can just be re-blasted.

    Stainless steel that has been "chemically darkened" will show bright holster wear on the highlight portions but, any brighter metal that shows is still Stainless.

    I quit worrying about holster wear years ago. It goes with the territory of mandatory draw repetitions.

    To answer your question though...Kydex is tougher on blued and Black Oxide than leather but, Kydex and leather will both eventually get your gun looking about the same exact way.

    Bright wear spots on hard edges can be can be made to look slightly less pronounced (to some degree) by having the hard edges on your firearm "lightly melted" before it is refinished.

    Blued or blackened Carbon steel front and rear sights can and should be "touched up" with Cold Blue or Gun Black.

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    There are two kinds of marks on firearms. Random scratches and nicks show careless handling of a firearm and generally detract from its appearance.

    Worn, shiny high spots and "repetitive stress" marks indicate a well-used and well-loved gun and therefore just add to it's beauty.

    Big scratch on slide from carelessly jamming gun in glove box = UGLY

    Shiny holster wear on a gun = SEXY


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