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Well they look nice but I think they're WAY over priced for what they are. You can buy a much nicer holster for less money. I will say it's hard to compare quality from pictures but these just don't look to be the quality of an HBE Leatherworks. As for value, I believe an UBG holster or K&D holster would be just as good at a lot better price point.

I think some holster prices are excessive but if they can get their price, good for them.
Overpriced compared to what? Quality compared to what? I have a lifetime warranty as with my other leather products. I test my products to see how well they are built. The companies you listed do not. One even says they can not. One was 1 year.

So you really have no grounds for your statement. But I am really happy I won't be known as the Wal-Mart of holster makers.

As with my other products, I don't want customers to come to me because I am cheap. There are plenty of other holster makers for that. I want customers that come to me for my quality and artistry and workmanship.

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