Thumb break for IWB 1911?

Thumb break for IWB 1911?

This is a discussion on Thumb break for IWB 1911? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm going to order an IWB holster for my 1911 in the next week or so, and I'm wondering why folks don't seem to favor ...

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Thread: Thumb break for IWB 1911?

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    Thumb break for IWB 1911?

    I'm going to order an IWB holster for my 1911 in the next week or so, and I'm wondering why folks don't seem to favor thumb breaks. I've been looking at Ted Blocker IWB models...

    I like the peace of mind, but I also understand that a good holster will fit the gun tightly enough that it won't budge. I also like to have a piece of leather between the hammer and the firing pin when carrying condition 1.


    This is one model I'm considering:

    Ted Blocker

    I've also been considering the Crossbreed holsters....

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    In order for a 1911 to fire, the grip safety has to be depressed, the thumb safety has to be disabled, and the trigger has to be pulled. How redundant is that piece of leather? There is a reason most top holstermakers don't even offer a thumbreak option.
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    Is this a temporary holster or something to use permanently? If it's a temp holster, there are cheaper alternatives. Galco and Don Hume are a couple that come to mind. I used a Don Hume and really liked it until I had a custom one made. Although I don't use a thumbreak they do make one. Not sure if the custom makers make one with a thumb break, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

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    I've had, and used that holster, but have long since traded it away. Not because it wasn't a decent holster for what it was, but because I've found other holsters that meet my needs better.

    If I am carrying concealed, and not working in brush or around four legged bovine critters, I see no need to have a thumb break on my holster. It does nothing but slow my draw. If I am working in brush, or around four legged bovine critters I much prefer a flap holster to better protect the gun, draw speed be danged.

    Sometimes I carry my 1911 without a holster at all, and just shove it in my pants. I've yet to have my safety flick off. The only time my safety has been flicked off when I didn't want it to be was when I was using a thumb break holster.

    If it were me, and I was going to carry concealed, I would look at something like the Milt Sparks Summer Special II, the Mitch Rosen ARG, or one of the Kramer horsehide models. None of them have thumb breaks. If I was going to "Open Carry" I'd look at a Serpa Paddle Holster, but that's just me.

    The only way I would consider a thumb break on a concealed carry holster was if I was mandated by agency policy to use one, and even then I might not. It might cost me some "beach time" or a "letter in my file" but I figure I can live with that.


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    My crossbreed holster can be adjusted around the trigger guard to increase tension if need be,but I find that to increase tension all I gotta do is eat a coupla boxes of my favorite ice cream bars and it'll snug the gun right up,actually it takes a pretty good jerk to clear kydex/leather so I'm not concerned about it just falling out even if I could run with it
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    If a thumb break on a holster gives you personally some form of peace of mind then use it.
    I guess that is why some holster makers still make a IWB holster with a retention strap.
    Honestly it is a redundant and unnecessary feature on any otherwise properly constructed quality IWB holster.
    It would make sense on some cheaper generic "one size fits all" holsters I guess.

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    By all means, use a thumb break if you feel it is necessary.
    I had one years earlier...pain in the butt...OMO.
    Retention in an 'open' holster? Well...I once fell down a set of bleachers (another story)...certainly amused my wife, bruised my ego, but my open holster retained my weapon (stayed concealed).

    Stay armed...avoid bleachers...stay safe!
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    Several months back, maybe even a year, I had a customer call in and report to us that he had been involved in an auto accident in which his vehicle left the roadway and overturned a couple times down an embankment.

    The gentleman wanted to let us know that after his vehicle came to rest, (with him hanging upside down from his seat belt) the first thing he did was turn and look at his child in the car seat in the back, the kid was giggling and wanted to "take the ride" again, and was obviously OK.
    (kids, what are ya gonna do?)

    The second thing he did was reach to be sure his firearm was still in his SuperTuck vs being tossed randomly about and landing in an unsafe place or way.
    His gun was still holstered nd had not become dislodged.

    Lesson one, A good IWB does not need a thumb break.
    (Whether it is ours or someone else's.)

    Lesson two, wear your seat belt!

    As to a 1911 being in condition one, if it is mechanically sound, there is no safer gun to carry.
    John Moses Browning knew what he was doing.

    Thanks 'fer listenin'
    Mark Craighead
    CrossBreed Holsters LLC

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    What he said! If it's in good shape, you don't need that thumb break.
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    As a holster maker, I don't offer safety straps on any of my holsters, however if a customer wants or is required to have a safety strap, I will recommend another holster company.


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    If it makes you feel better, okay with me.
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    I would only consider a thumb break if I needed more retention as in an open carry holster where it might be grabbed etc.

    I have never found any need for a thumb break with my IWB holsters. Buy quality and you'll only buy once!
    ALWAYS carry! - NEVER tell!

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    I would only use them in an open carry situation or hunting etc... but if it makes you more comfortable, go for it.
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