Wallet - Right cheek or left cheek?

Wallet - Right cheek or left cheek?

This is a discussion on Wallet - Right cheek or left cheek? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The title sounds kind of funny but its a real dillema Im facing. Im right handed and all my life i have kept my wallet ...

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Thread: Wallet - Right cheek or left cheek?

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    Wallet - Right cheek or left cheek?

    The title sounds kind of funny but its a real dillema Im facing.

    Im right handed and all my life i have kept my wallet in my right back pocket. Now that Im carrying at about 4:00 IWB Ive realized that my holstered gun makes getting my wallet out of that pocket a bit difficult, and once the wallet is out I run the risk of flashing my gun if i accidentally snag my shirt while lifting my wallet out.

    To remedy this I have already started putting my wallet in my back left pocket. This feels uncomfortable, made more so by the fact that my wallet has already a cheek-molded curve going the other way, but Its easier to relocate the wallet then the gun.

    I figure this is something I can learn to get used to but I just wonder if Its just me or if this is a somewhat common growing pain for guys who decide to carry. Any thoughts?
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    Right handed wallet in left rear pants pocket
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    I keep my IWB holster at approx 4:00 as well, but I always put my wallet in my front pocket. Serves three purposes: 1) no danger of flashing your firearm while reaching for your cash; 2) more difficult to pick-pocket (I think...); 3) keeps it off my butt b/c it's painful to sit on my wallet for too long while in the car.

    My suggestion: start putting your wallet in your front pocket.
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    Front or opposite side of the weapon...I had the same issue and everytime I went to get my wallet, it was too hard to get out or caused my shirt to rise up, potentially exposing my weapon.


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    I switch back and forth, when I carry the wallets on the left and when I work it is on the right and when I drive a long distance, both are in the center console.

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    Carying or not, if RH, wallet belongs on left cheek; vise verse if you;re LH. You never want to occupy your strong hand by doing something like reaching for your wallet. Car keys go in weak side pocket too.
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    I am left handed so I keep my wallet in the left pocket.

    I shoot right handed because I am right eye dominate and carry on my right side.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pgrass101 View Post
    Right handed wallet in left rear pants pocket
    Same here because theres a colt mustang in the right-rear pocket.
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    Neither, a wallet is just a place to carry 90% of the stuff you don't need on a daily basis. Minimize.
    I carry a small front pocket wallet. DL, concealed carry permit, and a debit card.
    Left front pocket. Cash is kept seperate with a small clip. right front pocket.

    You'll be amazed how much more comfortable you are when you lose that
    huge wallet packed full of junk.

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    My wallet goes in my left front pocket... got tired of sitting on the thing. Wear an IWB about 4:00 and a backup in my right front pocket.

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    I use to carry on the left side until back injury caused too much pain I had to switch to right side.If I am going a long distance I'll put my wallet in my front pocket as it will bother me on a long ride in the car.

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    Left handed, wallet right rear, keys right front. Carry at 9:00.

    To the OP, if I were you starting "fresh", I'd get a new wallet (no curve) and thin it out as much as practical... or consider front pocket carry of the wallet (your Chiropractor would agree).
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    I carry on the same side as wallet. I use a Tac-Pro minataur IWB with an XD .45 in 5" at 3 o'clock. When I reach for my wallet I just place my hand on the opening of my cover garment to hold it in place. This keeps the garment from catching or riding up.

    Another suggestion is to move the carry location from 4 o'clock to 3. That way you should not get the interference.
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    I don't carry a standard wallet anymore.

    I carry one of these in my front left pocket.

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    Left handed, wallet goes in right rear but, I did have to get a new wallet because the old one was molded to my left cheek.
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