Custom Holster Question? HBE and UBG

Custom Holster Question? HBE and UBG

This is a discussion on Custom Holster Question? HBE and UBG within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am still considering a purchase of a custom holster, for my G23, and maybe eventually for my p228. I have been really drawn to ...

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Thread: Custom Holster Question? HBE and UBG

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    Custom Holster Question? HBE and UBG

    I am still considering a purchase of a custom holster, for my G23, and maybe eventually for my p228. I have been really drawn to UBG and HBE lately. Can anybody who has purcahsed from these fine artisans lend some advice. I really like the looks of shark and elephant. Wanting to know what is the advantage of trimmed cowhide holsters with these exotics versus an entire holster in the exotic leather...besides looks obviously. Nate and Eric feel free to chime in here.
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    Well, a few facts. All holsters from us will probably be made of steer hide, trimmed in something else, being exotic or other. You can't make an entire holster out of exotics. The exotics are more like garment leather, soft and supple. That might not help your decision, but it's important to know.

    Eric and I are pretty good friends, so I won't try to steer you in either direction. I think it all boils down to which style you like best. I would put both of our products on pretty close to a level playing field. If I didn't make my own, I would definitely only carry HBE.

    Nate short wait times. Use 'defensivecarry' as a coupon code for a discount to your order.

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    Don't know what type of holster you are looking for, but I have a black UBG Regulator trimmed in shark, for my P220 and P226. Beautiful holster. I got that because I wanted an OWB and I like the snap on/off loops. It does its job very well.

    Alas, I have no HBEs to compare it to.
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    I have holsters from both of them and I think I can help you out here.

    Why not get one for the G23 from one holster maker and then eventually one for the p228 from the other holster maker.
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    I've got holsters from both with more from both in the works.

    Being 100% honest, I do feel that the HBE IWB is a nicer rig, I'll have a better feel for his product once my next IWB comes in from him, but for OWB I've got to give the nod to UBG.

    I don't know what the difference is between the materials used by each, but my HBE gear has a softer feel and fits the gun really well which I like for an IWB, Nate's stock seems to run little stiffer which I like in an OWB, regarding gun fit, I have two IWBs from UBG that don't seem to hold the gun as firmly as my HBE IWB, again this may be a fluke and I've spoken with Nate on how to improve the "grab" on the gun by the holster but I've been too busy to try it out. My other IWB from UBG fits the gun wonderfully, and seems to offer better fit than my other two, but that's the one rig I don't wear as often as I've taken to not carrying my Hi Power. The Regulator pictured is my wife's and while I have not worn it, that particular rig fits the gun fabulously

    Both are great craftsmen, but overall I'd say that the HBE has a bit nicer finish and appearance, but costs a bit more. Nate's gear is a little less in cost and is a very sturdy, well made product, and is not as "frilly" as the HBE and has a more utilitarian quality to it.

    Both have their perks. I was just billed for a UBG Regulator for my XDM, and I'm waiting for a bill for a HBE COMIII for the same gun, so obviously I like both makers as I'm still buying from both.

    I guess overall it depends on what you really want.

    Here are some pics of rigs from both.


    COM III IWB Black on black shark and leather

    HBE Pancake Black on black shark and leather


    UBG Nassar

    UBG Canute

    UBG Canute (reinforced opening)

    UBG Regulator Black on Black w/ Shark Trim

    UBG Mag Carriers

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    First off... JD I love the look of your HP it is an awesome looking gun and makes me want one more every time I have seen pics of it.

    Second...thanks Nate for the education about the leather and some of the process..I have never had a custom holster and am really looking forward to it. I really like the contrast of the cowhide and the exotics especially if they are different colors...very nice. And what a class act to speak so well of your competitor/friend. The fact that you would carry his stuff if you didnt make your own and your products seem like such good work...says a lot to me.

    Any customers of these to fine holster makers are still welcome to comment.

    Anybody wanna try and give me some direction regarding elephant versus shark? LOL
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    I don't have any of Eric's work (but he does have a few things I like), but do have 3 Canutes from Nate.

    2 of them I recieved just before Xmas, the other is a little over a year old now. It's gotten plenty of use, and still looks (almost) new...

    Of the 2 new one's, I have only worn one, it like my first, conceals well, holds the gun tight and close to the body, it's also very comfortable.

    I have yet to order a holster with exotic on it, but am considering doing so for an OWB (as nice as they look, I just don't see the point in spending the xtra $$ for it on an IWB).

    The OWB I'm looking at is the Phaetos in the 3 slot, so I can wear it cross draw should I desire.

    I don't have any pic's of the new one's yet, I will post some when I get chance (likely next week) but here's an old pic of the first one I ordered (need to get a new pic of it as well):
    <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>
    As you can see it was cut a little short, and Nate offered to take care of it right away, but I decided I liked the way it looked and declined his offer.
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    I own both..recommend both..hope this helps..<grin>
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    I've got a Com III from Eric and a Regulator from Nate, both for Browning Hi-Power. Both are excellent holsters. Talk to both and see who is most closely matching your requirements.

    HBE Com III and Mag/Flashlight pouch.

    UBG Regulator

    As far as a tuckable is concerned, my EDC is a Kimber Ultra CDP II, carried in a Tucker Answer. Don't usually carry tucked, but it's a very handy capability. I like the kydex for holding its form and for being very thin. The leather against the body is very comfortable.

    Tucker Answer w/ IWB mag pouch.
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    UBG Regulator Shark For a J Frame , it just rides to low for how I dress.

    It's probably my nicest looking holster.

    I don't want to steal his thread but look in the FS forum, if interested.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Custom Holster Question?  HBE and UBG-img_0044.jpg  

    Custom Holster Question?  HBE and UBG-img_0049.jpg  

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    I have 4 (3 IWB's, 1 OWB) HBE's and can honestly say they are the most comfortable IWB's I have worn. Would not hesitate to buy from Eric. As a matter of fact have another COM III coming for my Springer. Here is the one when it was spankin brand new and is still in great shape for my BHP. Sorry, can't speak of the other holster, but you will be happy with your HBE!!

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    I love my Com III and double mag carrier from HBE. I had never ordered a custom holster before and decided on HBE as my first. When I called and spoke to Eric he was very helpful in giving me suggestions on what would best suit my body, weapon, and carry style. Not to mention a less than 2 week turn around time!

    Good luck!

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    My vote is for HBE. Not knocking UBG but Eric's been it at it for awhile longer and a side by side comparison shows it.

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    You will probably be served well with either. But, I prefer HBE as he is a true custom maker that will change his design to fit customer needs.
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    The one in front is an HBE Com III. One in back is a Southern Holsters 'Memphis'. The Com III carries higher than is needed for a short barreled handgun. If you go HBE ask for one of his lower riding options unless you have a compelling reason to go high ride.

    One of the amazing things about the HBE is that the finish doesn't seem to rub off. I'm not sure what he does to make it that way, but is sure is durable and good looking.

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