Do you carry with or without the forward cant?

Do you carry with or without the forward cant?

This is a discussion on Do you carry with or without the forward cant? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Strange that I was unable to find another thread on this topic. To all the IWB carriers out there -- do you like your holster ...

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Thread: Do you carry with or without the forward cant?

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    Do you carry with or without the forward cant?

    Strange that I was unable to find another thread on this topic.

    To all the IWB carriers out there -- do you like your holster to have a 15 degree forward cant or to be a straight up-and-down? The only IWB I have experience with is SOB.
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    I don't know what the degree of cant is on my MS VM2, but I prefer a cant. I carry at 4:00 though, so it helps with access.

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    I prefer holsters with a cant to it, as it helps and helps with my draw.
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    I like lots of cant for my 5 inch 1911.. The last time I checked it stays around 25 degrees...Maybe a little more when I wear my Mac Daniels II.....

    Cant can really help you hide your pistol....
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    Here are some of my holsters........

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    I like a cant of about 15 degrees. I'm carrying at 4 O'Clock.
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    3:30 carry right side with 15*~20* forward cant.
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    Appendix carry with no cant

    Carry at 4:30 positon I prefer a cant
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    I prefer to cant.
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    IWB, with a ~18-20* forward cant at 8 o'clock (lefty).
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    4:00 strong side with 15 - 20 degree cant.
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    Forward cant. I think it's 15 degrees @ 4:00.

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    Forward cant, it helps with the natural motion of my arm.
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    Cant. Easy to hide butt of gun + conceal.

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    I can't live without my cant at 4:30, it makes my access and draw more reliable and you can't risk dropping the gun when you need it.

    Sorry, I can't deny that was cheap
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    15 degree or more. My favorite for one pistol is a bit over 20.
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