Loving the Clipdraw

Loving the Clipdraw

This is a discussion on Loving the Clipdraw within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; After many different holsters and setups, I decided to try the clipdraw for my Taurus 605 SS. I know there are many of you that ...

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Thread: Loving the Clipdraw

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    Loving the Clipdraw

    After many different holsters and setups, I decided to try the clipdraw for my Taurus 605 SS. I know there are many of you that will flame me for not having something covering the trigger. I wouldn't even consider it on a pistol, but for a revolver, I believe it to be perfectly safe. I got it on Saturday and so far so good. I was a little concerned about the tape but I have given it a pretty good workout over the weekend and its held good. I will update you if that changes.

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    ClipDraw is my winter carry on my 5" 1911. Wouldn't have it any other way. Although, if you have to lock it in the car on a cold day, watch out for the frostbite when you put it back in its proper place. Brrrrrrrr
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    Not for me,You guys would be WISE to try a MTAC or something on that order.You really NEED a holster to CCW....Stay Safe....J.H.

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    With a double-action revolver, due to the long heavy trigger, there's no problem using the clip-draw or similar products like the Barami Hip-Grip.
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    You really NEED a holster to CCW
    I disagree. One man's need is not the same as another's. There is nothing unsettling to me about carrying with a clipdraw as long as the KISS rules are followed.

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    i use the clip draw on my s&w model 36. it is one of the best things that i have found. nothing wrong with it and it is safe to use. i also use the kel tec belt clip on my p3at and p11. both are safe and work well. at first when i saw the belt clip i took a long look, then i tried it and i am glad that i did. in the past 30 years on the job the only "ad's" i have seen were when the "finger found the trigger", not someones under wear, shirt, paints, etc... "found the trigger".
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    Quote Originally Posted by citizen510 View Post
    ClipDraw is my winter carry on my 5" 1911. Wouldn't have it any other way. Although, if you have to lock it in the car on a cold day, watch out for the frostbite when you put it back in its proper place. Brrrrrrrr
    Are you right handed? If so, does the safety riding against your body creep you out at all? I know the grip safety negates this to some degree, but it still bothers me. I ask because I want to try this on my 1911 S&W, but it concerns me.
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    I have a clip draw on my M36 and Keltecs version on my P32. Both work great. Extra caution is a must though.
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    I've used a Berami hip grip on Smith 36's, 38's, 49's for decades. My 640-1 357 has worn one almost since I've owned it back around 92.

    The first time I started carrying with the Berami was 1977, wore a 36 BUG for two years+ that way working the streets with never an issue for safety.

    Carried Mex at appendix, strong side at 3:30, or SOB, depending on needs. Not the fastest draw with one, but I could slightly un-blouse a tucked T shirt and no one ever saw the gun or gave a thought I might be carrying back then.

    I wouldn't be without a hip gripped j frame ready for duty.

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    Well I'll be. Just went to Barami's site to look at the Hip Grip.... wasn't aware, it's a Michigan product! Office is only about 12 miles from me. TBH, didn't even know those were still produced (very "old school").

    And a bigger surprise? They list one for the Charter Arms Bulldog. Might just have to give one a try. Not sure if I'd like giving up rubber grips on it though, and it's right handed only (duh!), so I'll have to carry weak side... but good for a BUG.

    And the Clip Draw, still haven't ordered one. Was going to put it on my car gun, but I've been considering letting the SA Loaded live in the house again, and go with the Glock 17 for the car instead...
    Regards, T Bone.

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