Who's Your Favorite Holster Maker?

Who's Your Favorite Holster Maker?

This is a discussion on Who's Your Favorite Holster Maker? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Well we've had I don't know how many threads we've have on favorite guns etc. So who's your favorite holster maker? I know it will ...

View Poll Results: Who's your favorite?

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  • Milt Sparks

    40 14.04%
  • Galco

    15 5.26%
  • DeSantis

    10 3.51%
  • Comp-Tac

    27 9.47%
  • DelFatti

    10 3.51%
  • Alessi

    10 3.51%
  • UBG

    18 6.32%
  • HBE

    19 6.67%
  • Don Hume

    13 4.56%
  • Crossbreed

    36 12.63%
  • El Passo

    4 1.40%
  • 5 Shot

    1 0.35%
  • Bulman

    0 0%
  • Haugen

    2 0.70%
  • K&D

    29 10.18%
  • Other

    86 30.18%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: Who's Your Favorite Holster Maker?

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    JD [OP]
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    Who's Your Favorite Holster Maker?

    Well we've had I don't know how many threads we've have on favorite guns etc.

    So who's your favorite holster maker?

    I know it will be near impossible to list them all so if you do choose other, please provide info. Poll is multiple choice.

    16 options, that's just too few.

    I don't have any "one" favorite, so don't ask.

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    Distinguished Member Array C9H13NO3's Avatar
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    I have a pretty limited scope. I've owned Blackhawk!, Galco, Specter, and Milt Sparks. Only the Galco and Sparks were leather. The galco is nice, but definitely has a "factory" fit and finish to it. The Sparks was absolutely beautiful. Fit like a glove, great finish, great quality and stitching, great design...I could go on.

    I would however like to eventually try an HBE or UBG. The only thing I wasn't sure if I liked about the Canute was that it didn't have a mouth support (or whatever it is you call the strip that keeps the holster open with no gun).

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    JD [OP]
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    Central Iowa
    You can get a reinforced mouth on a Canute.

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    I have to say that of all the holstermakers listed, I like Uncle Lou the best. He is an icon in holstermaking and a great guy to boot. I happen to have lucked out that I live about an hour away from him, so I've had a chance to watch the master at work and pick his brains a little. His design for the PCH is one of the most innovative designs I've seen.

    Another name not mentioned that I have to say is an amazing holster make is Nossar in South America. The most incredibly thin holsters w/ exquisite details in craftsmanship. Anyone looking for a new holster should consider his work. You won't regret it.

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    Names not listed

    I agree w/ the Nossar comment. I have seen nothing but wonderful rigs from his shop. I have not had the honor of holding/using one but I may have to treat myself and find one for something that is homeless at this time.

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    Mine is CrossBreed. I also have a BlackHawk, Fobus, and a DeSantis and the CrossBreed caused me to stop my holster collection early.
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    I did notice the absence of Gary Bromeland and I very much enjoy his contribution to the CCW holster industry!
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    I love my Dakota Defender. I also have 2 more on order. Kevin is a pleasure to work with.
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    My experience is limited in that I've only ever owned one holster, the crossbreed supertuck. I've handled a few others, but the crossbreed simply fits me and my needs to the letter!
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    galco for me. over the years on the job they hold up well.
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    I am staying out of the poll as I don't have experience with most of the makers. I love the craftsmanship of Hume and sparks but do not own any..... I do often recommend crossbreed because it's a great holster with great customer service.
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    I, of course, love Desbiens Gun Leather; since Rhome is my best friend, I have no choice! His holsters are all first rate though!
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    TT and Sparks

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    TT and RM Holsters.
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    Must've been tough to choose which names to include in the poll, but obviously (and inevitably) some will be left off.

    My favorite is Milt Sparks, so it was easy for me. Others who could be placed into the mix include probably a couple dozen or so (can't do that many options with a V Bulletin Poll I don't think).

    Andrews and Tucker are two I was surprised weren't there, and Pure Custom though new to holsters has really gotten a alot of attention on this site. But like I said, I'm sure it was hard doing the list.

    The top four holsters I see recommended between several web sites include the Milt Sparks Versa Max 2, the Crossbreed Supertuck, the Comptac CTac/MTac holsters and the Andrews McDaniel 2.
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