Beltman + Supertuck = Problem?

Beltman + Supertuck = Problem?

This is a discussion on Beltman + Supertuck = Problem? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was surfing around and found the below post on another forum. Anyone here have the problem with Supertuck clips being too small for Beltman. ...

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Thread: Beltman + Supertuck = Problem?

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    Beltman + Supertuck = Problem?

    I was surfing around and found the below post on another forum. Anyone here have the problem with Supertuck clips being too small for Beltman. I have a Beltman on order and planning to get the Supertuck so this is concern for me.

    "beltman = good stuff.

    i got one, and then realized that the clips sent with my crossbreed wouldn't work...the belt was too thick. so i contacted mark, and he responded with a "we do not guarantee that our clips work with anyone else's belt, but you could heat the kydex up and remold the clips if you like."

    i tried and tried, but couldn't get it to work. i bought a new holster (gun-works), and now i'm happier. i can still use the crossbreed with a regular belt and a tucked shirt, but for daily use i wear the beltman/gun-works combo. velcro might have been a good fix...i don't know..."
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    Interesting. I've worn my Supertuck with both types of clips on both of my Beltman belts with no problems whatsoever.
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    I answered your email pertaining this and will also address it here.

    A)The metal clips we will be bringing out in the next couple weeks will have more throat to them and will accommodate thicker belts as well as ones that are a bit wider. The tooling investment for the clips was significant and so it seemed like a good idea to open them up a bit vs the kydex clips we are now using.

    B) I have not seen that post but I do remember the gentleman's email. His is the only email I have had regarding any belts being too thick and we have lots of holsters out there on lots of different belts. I don't think the belt thickness is really much of an issue or I would be able to recall more than one customer mentioning it. It is entirely possible it was just that one particular belt. I know awhile back we had some belts go out that were thicker than our standard offering due to a shop error and had some issues with those, we replaced any of them we heard about at no charge.

    I would not be overly concerned, I'm sure some folks will pop in right behind me confirming their belts are fine with our holsters

    Mark Craighead
    CrossBreed Holsters LLC

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    My mini tuck by Crossbreed fits fine on my 1.25 & 1.5 bullhide belts from Beltman. Surprised you're having trouble.

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    I do have this issue with my SuperTuck. With either my Galco leather gun belt or my Blackhawk tactical belt. This is made worse with my favorite pants, my Blackhawk tactical pants. I don't blame the supertuck clips for the fact that my pants and belt combo is to thick. I would love to have thicker clips in the near future and would love to be on the list for the new steel ones... PM sent.

    That being said, as we speak I am lounging on the couch with my dog curled at my feat, my favorite Blackhawk tactical pants on, my tactical belt through the loops helping hold my CrossBreed SuperTuck which is keeping my Smith M&P 45 at the ready. I can barely tell that the holster is there and I have remedied the clip issue by simply putting the clip over my pants top and not over the belt (front clip only, rear has no issue with the belts). I still wear my SuperTuck nearly 100% of the time I carry, but still look forward to the new clips soon.

    BTW- Even after MANY hours of wearing this combo I still have to check and make sure the gun is there at least once a is that comfortable!
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    Quote Originally Posted by David in FL View Post
    Interesting. I've worn my Supertuck with both types of clips on both of my Beltman belts with no problems whatsoever.
    Same here. I wear my supertuck with my beltman all the time and they work great together.
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    The only belts I wear are Beltman Belts... The best holster I own is a Supertuck.
    And they work perfectly together!!! Wear it all day with 0 problems.
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