Help me find a holster

Help me find a holster

This is a discussion on Help me find a holster within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I've been bouncing around vendors and my head has started to spin. Now I'm just lost. How I most effectively carry and can do most ...

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Thread: Help me find a holster

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    Help me find a holster

    I've been bouncing around vendors and my head has started to spin. Now I'm just lost.

    How I most effectively carry and can do most things comfortably while carrying is by carrying IWB between zipper and front right pocket.

    I have a cheapy holster that will not work for my new CCW which is a Kimber Ultra CT Carry II

    I need some directions, imputs, opinions as I'm lost on who to pick....custom home made with nice leather, or cookie cutter but nice holsters.

    Looked @ Crossbreed, some kinda sharkbite holtser etc. etc.

    This has become more difficult than buyin a new gun

    Suggestions please.

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    There's the Comp-Tac Two O'Clock, and Eric at HBE should be able to make you a small IWB that will work for appendix carry, he did a nice little number for my Colt .380 that could work for 2 o'clock if the cant was different, UBG has the Nassar which might work for you as well.

    ETA: Desibens Gun Leather also has the IWB#4 which looks promising as it's adjustable.

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    I have a UBG and love it. I think "Nate" makes a great holster.
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    For starters, you describe appendix carry. SO you need to focus on makers who offer a holster specifically for or acceptable for appendix carry. Fist offers a number of them suitable for appendix carry, both tuckable and none, both leather an Kydex.

    I've got no personal experience with Fist, but have read lots of praise for them here from multiple members.
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    I recommend Raven Concealment. The Malabar Front

    That's a link to their appendix rig for 1911. It's all kydex, very strong, very easy in and out, very concealable.
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    Thanks for the responses.....

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    HBE Specialty Leatherworks. Eric is a master craftsman and can set you up. Carry a 1911 and even knowing with all it's safeties in place there is no way I'm having that muzzle pointed towards the family jewels or femoral artery.
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    I have a Tucker Urban Impact - Appendix Carry IWB.

    Not every gun is suited for AIWB. The awsome 3" Ultra Carry may be a bit too short...
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    Because of shoulder problems, I need to carry in that area. Right now, I am using a pocket holster, or using my purse. (I am a woman) After looking online for a couple months, and asking lots of questions on 3 forums, I settled on calling Eric at HBE. He seemed to know right away what to do for me. I described where I wanted to carry, and left the rest up to him. I am waiting now for him to call to get credit card number - which means he is starting my holster. I expect that to be this week. He seemed very familiar with making appendix area holsters. Since I have a little J frame, I went with OWB. He recommended the OWB over IWB, and since he has a lot more experience than I do - I went with his recommendation. I ordered a belt to match.

    In my research, I did find that a muzzle forward cant will be needed. Not to many people offered that option on their pages.
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