Carry position question

Carry position question

This is a discussion on Carry position question within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Not sure if this belongs in holster group, mods feel free to move. I have a snub nose 38 w/ a desantis iwb tuckable holster. ...

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Thread: Carry position question

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    Carry position question

    Not sure if this belongs in holster group, mods feel free to move.
    I have a snub nose 38 w/ a desantis iwb tuckable holster. I am trying to find the most comfortable position in advance of getting my CCW permit next month.

    I have a pretty good belly roll so my jeans tend to ride below my actual waist.

    When I first got the holster I tried it at 1:00 which hid really well and was comfortable until I tried to sit down. No way that works.

    I tried 3:00 since that seems the most logical from a draw stand point, but the gun rides on the point of my hip, is uncomfortable walking and pushes the belt and pants line way out of shape making it very obvious that something is there.

    I tried 4:00, this seems to work pretty good, if I cant the gun grip toward the front a little it seems to conceal ok and tilting the barrel to the rear makes it miss my wallet in the back pocket. I realize I may have to switch the wallet to weak side to keep everything from bunching up.

    I was just wondering what others have found works best?

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    I also have a bit of spare tire, so I know what you're going through. I carry my XDm IWB, just forward of 9:00 (left handed), about 9:30 or so. I also carry my wallet on my weak side.

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    Even tho you tried 3, that position OWB is best for me. I also have a little tummy, tho not much... and from a strong side, OWB I dont think it can be beat. It is the only way that I carry.
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    i carry OWB 4 oclock with a pancake houster with a 1 1/2" gun belt. stays close to the body. With my 38 s&w 2', carry IWB crosshand at 9oclock.

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    Well, my spare tire is more like one of those donut/temporary spares for now. I carry at 3 o'clock almost all of the time, and experiment with anywhere from 2-4 o'clock depending. This is IWB or OWB with 1 1/2" belt. Appendix carry is still a viable and attractive option for me, but I'm still working on that ordeal.

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    You didn't mention what kind of belt you are wearing. One of the most common problems with comfort or concealability is a poorly chosen belt.

    If you are trying to conceal comfortably with a Walmart belt, you're going to have troubles.
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    3:00 for my big boys. Most comfortable for me and quick. Have carried my 36 at 5:00 as it looks like you are going for your wallet giving you the element of surprize but you need a holster with a pretty good cant to pull it off. Holster and belt 1.5 " combo are EXTREMELY important. Best holster (out of 5) I ever carried my 36 in is a HBE Pro TL. Just sold it as I gave the 36 to my detective daughter as a BUG. Here is Erics link. Click on the "Tuckable" link and you will see the clip is offset versus over the cylinder making for one comfortable rig. Can't say enough about this PRO TL. Give him a call and he can hook you up. Easy on/off, concealable and comfortable. I've got my 5" SA on right now with a HBE DC Special and don't know it's there.

    Good luck!

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    My suggestion would be the 4 oclock but move your wallet to a front pocket.

    Preferrably the weak side.

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    Alot comes down to what irs the most comfortable to you. If you are new to carrying , it takes a bit of time and testing. Different holsters and body types tend to confuse the issue more.
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    I was having problems with finding a comfortable spot for my j frame also. As everyone else here not of the slim frame. I went and got a Blackhawk Pocket holster. Its has a piece of material on it that allows you to draw and the holster stays in your pocket. Printing is really not a problem it looks like you have your wallet in your front pocket. I carry my 23 at the 4 oclock position in a pancake owb on a 1 1/2 qaulity leather belt. A larger gun seems to be more comfortable to conceal for me. I just ordered a new ankle holster and I think that will prove to be the most comfortable at least for the chilly time of year.

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    For comfort, concealment, and ease of access, 4 oclock works best for me.

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    I have recently discovered pocket carry in a pocket holster for my little J frame.
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