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A little disappointed with Comp-Tac

This is a discussion on A little disappointed with Comp-Tac within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Interesting this is on the website now, so maybe warranty work should of have applied. Tension Screws Every tension adjustment screw on Comp-Tac products is ...

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Thread: A little disappointed with Comp-Tac

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    Interesting this is on the website now, so maybe warranty work should of have applied.

    Tension Screws
    Every tension adjustment screw on Comp-Tac products is treated with re-settable loctite during the assembly process to keep the fasteners set where you want them. The T-nuts are locked into place to prevent slipping during the adjustment process. We use hex screws to adjust the tension and a hex wrench is included with every order.

    Comp-Tac : Construction

    But as stated they have sent me freebies, as well, but I have order over 6 holsters from them too. Who knows. Sorry to hear bout that though. It does get aggravating I know.

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    I went through almost the same thing with them--after complaining for about three e-mails they sent it in an envelope at no cost. Whoopee.

    Trust me, there's enough margin in their plastic stuff to afford to come through on such piddly stuff. And to think everybody goes gaga when they send a nickels worth of candy with each order of a new product....arrrgghhh.
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    I think your problem was the luck of the draw on who answered your email.

    I had the same problem about 3 years ago and called them to ask about it. The lady said it was no problem and she would send me a new gromlet.

    When the mail came, I got the package of assorted gromlets AT NO CHARGE.

    Of course, maybe that is why they are charging so much now, to make up for giving so much stuff away.
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    Good news !!!

    After I sent an e-mail to all the adresses on their web-site suggesting they take a look a this thread, I receive a response stating that my order was on the way ... for free. So I guess it WAS the luck (or lack-off) of the draw.

    Now, I want to say I have really appreciated that numbers of members here have PM me to offer the part.
    DCC is a GREAT community.

    A heartfelt thank you !!!

    BTW, my orignal inquiry was a request for price and availability; in no way I demanded the item for free. Too old for that.
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    I'll be the first one to call BS.

    You asked for a price and availability, and you got what you asked for.
    Then you complain on a public forum b/c you got what you asked for, even though what you asked for wasn't what you wanted.
    Your complaint on the public forum is, essentially, that they didn't read your mind via email and give you what you wanted instead of what you asked for.
    4 days and 5 pages later, you're GTG because you finally communicated to the company what you wanted and they gave it to you.

    "in no way I demanded the item for free. Too old for that."
    BS. You did that exactly that, but in an underhanded way by showing them a thread you started in a, IMHO, deceitful manner.

    You need to learn to communicate with others. Luck has nothing to do with your experience. Did it ever cross your mind to politely ask them for what you wanted/expected - to send you a replacement? You would probably already have the part.

    Damn I'm glad I'm no longer in retail sales.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jfl View Post
    As you might know, I have a M-Tac I have been very satisfied with for a few months.
    The screws holding the J-hooks have a tendency to work loose and need to be tightened every few days.
    I forgot to do it and the J-hook came loose and I lst the little rubber grommet.
    I sent an e-mail inquiring about the price of the grommet and this is the answer:


    We can send you an assortment of hardware for your M-TAC for $2, plus $4.50 S&H. If you go to Mounting Options, you will see a listing for Spare Hardware. Put that in your shopping cart, and then leave a note in the Comments box what holster you need it for.

    Inside Sales
    Comp-Tac Victory Gear, LLC

    So the grommet would cost me $6.50 if I ordered it ... which I am not. I think they could have thrown a grommet in an envelope put a stamp on it and send it to me.
    Some other holster makers such as FIST and others did it for me for small parts.
    I am always annoyed when a business forgets that customer satisfaction is the most important factor to success and they screwed up for less than a dollar.

    {Rant Mode Off}
    So to get it right you asked for prices, they gave you the prices.
    But they screwed up?
    You also state, I forgot to do it and the J-hook came loose and I lost the little rubber grommet. Everyone forgets things but to make it their problem is not is not taking responsibility for your own actions. The parts would not have been lost if you didn't forget, or if you put the holster aside until fixed. So you continue to wear it and thats when the wheels come off the wagon...
    More importantly you bash them on a public forum, then recontact them to tell them about it. You get you parts for free.
    What am I not seeing here ?. I don't see an issue with them they don't control shipping costs. We now know that this may have been an issue before with other holsters but did you know that before this thread?
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