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Gee JD, I'm starting to notice a trend here with you and Eric's holsters. Obviously, I can see why. Based on the number of HBE & UBG holsters I've seen, you have one FINE HOLSTER COLLECTION!

Can't wait to see your next one!

Thanks, as mentioned above, the "next one" is currently being tested for the maker with a review to follow.

I really like Erics work, him and Nate and UBG are two of my top choices, the prices are fair and the lead time is quicker than most of the competition and if I have an issue they'll make it right. There's a ton of other makers I want to get holsters from, but I have a hard time straying from those two. If it isn't broke, don't fix it." As long as those two continue to have what I want and accomodate some of my quirks I have no reason to shop elsewhere.

I will say that eventually I want to try out some stuff from Tucker Gunleather for my wheel guns, but as that's more of a novelty right now it's going to have to wait.