Gun belts?

Gun belts?

This is a discussion on Gun belts? within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; What are some good brands and what is the recommended belt width? I want the width that is pretty much the standard so I can ...

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Thread: Gun belts?

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    Gun belts?

    What are some good brands and what is the recommended belt width? I want the width that is pretty much the standard so I can use it in all pants.

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    Have you done a for this?

    This is one of the most frequently discussed topics on this forum.

    The "standard" gun belt width is 1.5 inches, according to most.

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    1.5" is the most common.

    Lot's of input. How much will you spend? You can go from the Beltman ($75) to a BlackHawk CQB ($35)belt.
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    1 1/2" seems to be standard. But I found that the 1 1/4" fit all my slack's belt loops better. I've got several 1 1/4" gun belts and am very satisfied with their holster/gun support.

    Make sure you get a stiff belt (true for any gun belt though regardless of the width).

    I've got Looper Law Enforcement belts. They are very stiff for their size because of a Kydex insert inside the leather outer. Price runs around $40 each. That's probably important to many people because they can afford one of each color without breaking the bank.

    They've held up pretty well and the 1 1/4" looks much less obvious with dress clothes IMO (regardless of whether the 1 1/2" belts would fit your pant's belt loops or not).

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    I also have found that 1.25 inch belts hold the gun securely. The heaviest gun I carry is a LW 1911 Compact, and it is held securely. My belts are RafterS, but I think any of the double thickness belts will do the same.


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    I like the Galco Belts (own 7 of them) but I am biased

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    I use Galco and also Wilderness.
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    I love my 11/2 in. Beltman Belt

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    go to search button and formulate your own opinions

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    511 if you want to go the least expensive route. Have a Belt Man and HBE Specialty Leatherworks. Both are great but the HBE matches my HBE COM III. I prefer black as it blends in when I'm packing. All three are 1.5"'s and fit my Levi's loops perfectly.

    The wilderness belts stand out as either military or Gun Toter. I like to stay invisible so don't use them, but they are very handy belts for the range, hiking or open carry.

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    I agree with Theis, The Beltman makes the best belt you could ever want. I got my first 1 1/2 inch from him last year and I couldn't believe the difference a good belt could make.
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    I never tuck, so I prefer a Wilderness in 1.5"
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    I have a Beltman - 1 1/2 inch. I am very satisfied with it.
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    $20 1.5" Georgia Boot Company. Works great either OWB or IWB.

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    I wouldn't recommend smaller than 1.5 inch. Most makers' belts are comparable, just slightly different tips and designs, etc. Some add kydex reinforcement as an option. I'd say that the price range on good belts is probably more like $40 on up. They can get spendy, depending on what you want.

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