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This mom is looking for some holster options.

This is a discussion on This mom is looking for some holster options. within the Defensive Carry Holsters & Carry Options forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; What about a fanny pack? You could wear it on the side over the baby pack straps. It would look like mommy supplies while hiding ...

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Thread: This mom is looking for some holster options.

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    What about a fanny pack? You could wear it on the side over the baby pack straps. It would look like mommy supplies while hiding your mustang.

    Glad you and your little one are doing well.
    Congrats again to you and JD.

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    Is there a pocket on the carrier you could use?

    I think one of them (?baby Bjorn) makes one with a pocket. Maybe you could get a small gun into that and still have quick access to it??

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    With a fanny pack she could get away with the Kimber or the Smith....not a bad option, I like where Nate's head is at with the velcro, I'm just wondering how stable that would be to draw from, then again Speedloader is reaching 15lbs and should provide a good counter weight.

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    Fanny pack along with a baby sling (serrappe) sp?.

    I personally would just fling a dirty diaper and retreat though!

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    As much as I hate to admit it, I'd go with a SOB set up. Other than that, I'd get one of the less "tactical" looking maxpeditions and disguse as a diaper bag; and for the most part, thats exactly what it would be.
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    +1 on the fanny pack.
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    Hi Lima.

    Just a thought.

    For inside the should consider a Tactical Drop Leg rig.

    They are actually GREAT holsters and put the gun butt right into your hand when your arm is fully extended AKA straight down.

    Well below the waist.

    Obviously NOT suitable (at all) for concealed carry or for civilians (in general & out in public) but would probably be fantastic for you staying indoors with Cute Baby G .

    Search All Of Ebay for Drop Leg Holster - You can get a Mil Spec for real cheap.

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    It's great to see you back online and you and your baby looking terrific.

    You my want to consider my primary around the house, and my BUG when I am out and about which is an LCP with a Crimson Trace LaserGuard in a DeSantis Super Fly holster (without the flap) that I carry in my front pants pocket. There is even room left over for the Surefire in "front" of the holster in all my trousers but for one of a pair of suit pants.

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    Thanks for all of the ideas...

    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    Only option I've seen is the kiddie backpacks
    Quote Originally Posted by Napolean View Post
    I am having problems with my baby backpack due to the waist support strap wrapping around the grip of my HK in a SuperTuck. I already wear it low and am unable to sink it deeper into my waist. I think I am going to go with the Wilderness Safepacker secured to the shoulder or cross strap. It is either that or an ankle holster while carrying the baby with the backpack.
    That's the same thing I'm worried about. Some of the baby backpacks still have something that goes around the waist. I'm continuing to look at other carriers but they have a tendency to get in the way of "waist" carry.

    Quote Originally Posted by sigmanluke View Post
    Is ankle carry a viable option?
    I'm thinking no on the ankle carry. Trying to draw from the ankle while on the move is hard enough but trying to do that with a fifteen pound baby attached to your body is sure to mean a tumble.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tubby45 View Post
    Pocket, but your jeans will most likely make it print (if that's an issue, I know VA is OC).
    Your not kidding about the pockets. As JD pointed out. My pockets are pretty pathetic. Believe it or not, the pockets on my sons jeans are better than mine and he doesn't even know what to do with them. .. Sigh.. What's the world coming to..

    Quote Originally Posted by ecorrigan View Post
    First of all I must say you look magnificent after having the baby, and the baby is extremely cute as well!
    Since I don't know what you carry aside from the Ka-Bar, is a Small-of-Back holster an option. I'm not too sure, but it doesn't appear that either of your baby-carrying methods would conflict with a holster carried SOB-style. It seems you should be able to find a decent 'baggy' shirt to wear that would cover a pistol if you carried it that way.
    Good luck in your quest! I must say, anyone that would mess with a pregnant woman or a woman who's carrying a baby deserves to get shot! Just my opinion!
    I know, he's adorable! (Shameless baby-picture plug)..

    Anyway.. I've thought of SOB but one of the problems is that with any carrier, it pulls tight across the back effectively making anything on the back print pretty bad. It's not TOO bad at the 4 o'clock position, but even in that position there is increased printing. Most people don't notice because they are looking at the baby, but it's still there.

    I've carried SOB before and while it was okay while standing or walking it got real uncomfortable for sitting. Not a favorite mode of carry. However, if I can find my old DeSantis SOB holster I might give it another whirl.

    And I definitely agree on that last part. Anyone who messes with a kid should greatly fear the wrath of his mother.

    pgrass101, I'd love to see picture of you packing and with carrying the baby. There needs to be more baby-wearers who carry. At least to teach us newbies how to do it.

    Quote Originally Posted by jarhead79 View Post
    It would be totally easy to make you basically a pocket holster with velcro on it. You could add a velcro piece to your carriers somewhere that would be comfortable to you and the baby. I'd recommend a small gun for that reason.
    Nate, that is a good idea. I've often wished there was a way to attach a holster to the carrier itself. In fact, I was thinking this morning of a holster that could be attached to the carrier but then quickly removed (either via snaps, velco, clips or even zippers (hey, I was really imagining)) and put back on the body quickly for those times when I'm putting the baby back in the car seat or no longer wearing the baby carrier. It would be better, easier and safer to just transplant (for lack of better word) the whole holster system rather than unholstering to reholster in a separate holster on the belt.

    I'm still formulating, but might be going to a holster maker with a holster idea for moms soon.

    Quote Originally Posted by cdwolf View Post
    What about a fanny pack? You could wear it on the side over the baby pack straps. It would look like mommy supplies while hiding your mustang.
    Definitely a possibility.

    Quote Originally Posted by GreenHorn View Post
    I personally would just fling a dirty diaper and retreat though!
    Can't do We use cloth diapers and can't afford to keep throwing them Then again, I think I'd be okay with loosing a diaper if it meant saving our lives.

    Quote Originally Posted by QKShooter View Post
    For inside the should consider a Tactical Drop Leg rig.
    That is a good idea for in the house and something I might look into.

    And as to all those who recommended the P3AT or LCP. I've thought of it but simply can't swing another gun right now (as much as I'd like to). So I have to stick with carry options for the guns I already have. We have some pretty small ones (like the Mustangs) so that's what I'm looking to accommodate. If I could get another gun right now it might broaden my options but unfortunately that's not an option.

    Again, thanks for the ideas. I knew that being an armed Mommy was going to be a challenge (at least until the little guy can start walking on his own) but I feel like I'm starting at square one again with the whole carry thing.

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    Don't worry, when they get older it's easier to carry. I always carried when I held my son, I just kept him weak side.

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    This may come with some resistance, but one option is to just let JD take Garrett to work with him, and then your free to carry in the manner you did before the little guy came along.

    I really have no good input over what has been said already. I like the fanny pack or similar device or the velcro holster on the carrier. Although the velco on the carrier might pose some problems when your out and about and have to put the little guy into and out of his car seat. When your taking him in and out of the sling ect, your going to have your pistol flopping all over the place possibly hitting him when your bent over buckling him up. You will have to be careful of that and folks that may be watching.

    The wife wasn't carrying when ours was little like that. Now about all we can do is get him to hold our hand while in public so he doesn't get run over. You have plenty of time before you have that to worry about though.
    Just remember that shot placement is much more important with what you carry than how big a bang you get with each trigger pull.
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    I agree with Sixto...disguise a maxpedition sling it so it lands on your strong side and still have the little guy in the sling. BTW...congrats again on the little one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by limatunes View Post

    i wish they made a baby carrier with a holster built in it. That, i would look into.
    I love this rock..
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    Edit; hmmm maybe you've discovered a market here....start making one.
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    Now I can't relate completely, but I do carry one of our twins (22-24lbs) in a hiking backpack carrier fairly often when we go to the mall and I've run into similar problems when carrying at 4:00. I have large pockets so I usually pocket carry a Kahr PM9, but I found if I'm wearing untucked I can wear at the appendix position IWB with the backpack support belt just under or on top of my belt. Unfortunately, neither of these would work too well with your current setup.

    The fanny pack idea might be your best bet. I'd look into Camelbak's Goblin which doesn't look like the typical fanny pack.

    It also has a hydration bladder, but I'm sure you can take that out to create more space for more baby necessary items (wipes, baby Tylenol, emergency toy, etc.) and extra mags, of course. It could be worn at on the strong side hip and be fairly accessible.

    I've thought a lot about CCW with babies & kids and there definitely is a market out there.

    Edit: I just remembered that Crossbreed makes a molded kydex holster that's covered in velcro to be attached in bags or where ever. It's called the Ohai -
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    A fanny pack might work and it would look natural. Sorry I didn't read before I spoke.

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